XboxEra Community Hangout |OT3| Setting Low Expectations

I feel Microsoft doesn’t find getting these games are worth the investment to their platform. However, I feel Microsoft has enough capital to ensure Square and other publishers doesn’t skip their platform. From what I’ve seen Square goes wherever the money is, and Microsoft needs to take a hit because losing out on these games could widen the gap in market share because some will skip Xbox platform since they don’t get these type of games.


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Playstation is where the majority of that audience prefers to play those games. That probably won’t ever change so Square and others are going to continue to favor Playstation when it comes to Final Fantasy and titles like it. It is what it is.

Yeah, I’m sure MS CAN turn this around with cold hard cash alone, but funding games that had a history with the console before is better I think.

We can only wait and see really, hopefully after they acquired Bethesda and are absolutely fine with the western content for years to come, they should focus entirely on Japan next.

Eh, I think it’s Microsoft just not providing the money because they will take whatever money to have deals. Also doesn’t help to surrender that segment instead of doing stuff to grow especially if gamepass is their future. For example how will they grow gamepass in a market like japan when they miss out on many games their market like. Plus sony can easily backfire once they have PSNow working smoothly


If MS ever think like this, then you’re right it’ll never change.

What needs to be done at very least is a GP deal, still making sure that the game comes to PlayStation and also Xbox.


They don’t even have to get into bidding wars with Sony over a game. Go to capcom, bamco or square and partner up.

If they can do this with the “creators of Just Cause” then I see no problem with the option above.

Or they just don’t have anything ready for announcing yet. I mean besides all the stuff we’ve seen already with GamePass titles. Things do take time to work out and even once it’s worked out, marketing may want to work out the best way to go about making a big deal about it. I wouldn’t think it would be something merely tweeted out by Phil saying “It’s done”.

I only need to see something significant from there, be a game an acquisition a partnership, whatever, the moves with SEGA are good, but they are small drops in a ocean of despair, Xbox games deserve a big japanese exclusive after a decade, don’t you think?

Yeah, these deals could be extremely recent and we can’t really know anything about them. But don’t you think that thinking like this is convenient? This could be said from any other year since they made the acquisitions, still, no show from Japanese exclusives.

I’ll hold on to hope that they know what they’re doing, just don’t take too long or it’ll be too late again.


We doomed it into existence.

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Like others have mentioned on these boards, but it’s time for Microsoft to fund Japanese studios games. I am sure they can sit down and help studios create games because at the end of the day money talks, and Microsoft needs to be proactive here. You can say what you want about Sony, but them being aggressive has rewarded them for dominating that market and not allowing competitors have a chance to competing in that market. Microsoft def needs to stop playing nice and need to actually have a plan for that market



Show dont tell me.


A few thoughts -

Japanese publishers not accepting deals with Microsoft for Xbox exclusivity is based on two things. First is sales, they know that their games won’t sell as well on Xbox as they would on PlayStation or even Switch for that matter. Second reason is Game Pass. I see it here all the time. No one wants to buy any games. Majority say, I’ll wait for Game Pass. Is it day one on Game Pass? No, oh then I will wait. What do you expect? They’re not stupid. Pre-Game Pass, majority didn’t buy FFXV for example and that was multi-platform day one. Now, it’s even worse. Besides, why manufacture, distribute and pay retailers for a physical copy of a game they know vast majority of Xbox owners are not going to buy because they’re just going to wait for Game Pass?

But on the Sony side, Square Enix (or any publisher for that matter) can accept a big payday that probably surpasses what they would earn after expenses on the Xbox version and then make more money on top of that by selling the game to consumers. Then, if the game does eventually make it’s way to Xbox, majority will be pissed that they had to wait despite the fact that the same majority weren’t going to buy the game on day one anyway. So it’s like, why are people bitching for something that you have no intention on buying in the first place? Makes no sense.

As for getting the game day one on Game Pass, look at majority of games that Microsoft pays for day one. The vast majority of them are co-op/multi-player/online based games for the most part which makes sense because they want you to stay subscribed so it’s understandable but a pure single player game day one. Most people including myself would subscribe for the month, play and complete the game, cancel the subscription and then just move on to the next game.

That’s why I believe that Square Enix especially takes deals from Sony. Massive payday upfront guaranteed, save money on expenses from not having an Xbox retail version, save money and resources on developing an Xbox version while still getting a shit ton of sales to where at the end of the day, the people that get pissed off on the Xbox side won’t matter to them especially when they know that the majority of these same pissed off people weren’t going to buy the game day one for $60+ anyway.

Just remembered something else - Square Enix lost $65m on Avengers. They’re probably trying to eliminate that loss as quiclky as humanly possible. lol.

As for Final Fantasy Origins itself, im happy I own a PlayStation because if I decide that I want to play the game, I know I can do so day one. No restrictions for me. Screw that. As of now, I have to see gameplay/combat but being from Team Ninja increases the chances of me being interested because I loved Nioh and think it’s better than Bloodborne.

As for Capcom, Microsoft has paid for Dead Rising twice before. I don’t want Dead Rising, that’s for sure. But paying for a brand new Dino Crisis? Hell yeah. Probably won’t happen but it’s one franchise that I wish comes back. Oh well, at least I have REmake4 and Dragon’s Dogma 2 to look forward to based on that leak months ago.

As for Avalanche Studios, I don’t care about Second Extinction or Generation Zero but I loved Mad Max. An excellent 9/10 and top 20 game for me for the PS4/XBO generation. Best car combat since Twisted Metal 2!!! I also enjoyed Rage 2 but the car combat was disappointing especially after Mad Max. Story was too short as well but overall, I gave it an 8/10. Still enjoyed the world Avalanche built and of course, the FPS and mechanics from Id made the game great. Played Just Cause 3 and while I liked the setup and structure of it (remember, im a Ubisoft guy), the combat/gameplay was clunky and holy hell, the frame rate was beyond horrible even on PS4 Pro. UGH. That was a loss. Skipped Just Cause 4. Not getting me twice with the same franchise.

With that all said, I want to see what the game but if it’s a shared open world live service game, chances are that it will be a pass for me but have to see gameplay and the premise of it first to fully know either way.

As for the Square Enix leak, oh man, sucks for them. But if I find out a lot of stuff including their E3 showcase, at least I will know if it’s worth watching or not.


Moving on to something related to BioMutant and buying it digitally on the Microsoft Store -

I have two questions…If I download the digital version and install the Mercenary Class, can I still keep the Mercenary Class if I refund the game? Second, can I use the disc to play the digital download version or do I have to uninstall the digital version and install the disc? Thanks.

Has it been confirmed that the Just Cause devs are making the typhoon game?

Sincerely, I’m done with these “surprises”, things change so much before the unveiling that’s really not even worth talking about it like this.

Starfield is a recent example of this.