XboxEra Community Hangout |OT3| Setting Low Expectations

Dead Rising 3 is Canadian only the IP is Japanese (and really hasn’t been since DR1). The last big Japanese exclusive on Xbox was… I can’t really think of one, but it was probably something around Ninja Gaiden 2 or Lost Odyssey, so 2008ish… The last Japanese exclusive I can think of at all is D4 which isn’t even the full game as the later seasons were cancelled. PSO2 counts in the loosest possible way I guess? (it’s on everything BUT Xbox over in Japan)



Which is why I find it most perplexing that so many are making such definitive statements that Microsoft is unwilling to pay. The truth is, they and most of us all around, have no idea as to what offers have been made. To say that Microsoft is unwilling is such a horrible take.


Get xcloud is the “weapon” to get into japan but you need to actually put games japanese people are interested in playing. Its not this one size fits all solution.

You need to accompany that tech with proper software.


Well, the money were carried to Japan, so DR3 still is “valid”. Anyway, yeah, they litereally fled from the region from an investment standpoint. I can see why some studios still hold a grudge and the small ones don’t trust their commitment.

You have to keep in mind that the cost of making a Japanese game exclusive to Xbox is likely significantly higher than making it exclusive to PlayStation. The player base is much larger on PlayStation right now and the opportunity cost for not being on that platform is much bigger than sacrificing Xbox gamers. Sony just needs to make up at least as much as they’d likely sell on Xbox, whereas Microsoft would need to make up the difference of lost revenue from PlayStation gamers. That’s not to say it isn’t possible that they go down that road for the right opportunity but they’re carefully laying out an Asian strategy and making a Final Fantasy game exclusive to Xbox is probably not the most profitable direction to go at this point.

Well the recent years suggest they havent bothered to make a japanese developed game and thats without counting scalebound getting cancelled.


Anyone can fund an exclusive game without taking away PS sales, come on. MS did when PS2 was rocking the world much more than PS4 or 5.


If we are gonna use the PS exclusivity argument to counter xbox going to a developer and saying make a NEW IP for me or revive this IP for ME then this conversation is going nowhere. This isnt a Final Fantasy situation or anything similar.

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I tend to think takes like that come from folks who have no interest in exploring serious business strategy and would rather just cause a ruckus about the exclusives conversation. Nuanced discussion is hard to find in the gaming community.


How on earth could you possibly know that this isn’t happening? We have literally been talking about Grubb’s rumor about a potential deal with Kojima for months now. I don’t understand why every bit of news about PlayStation is worthy of a rant about Xbox exclusives and their supposed lack of commitment to improving it (despite all of the evidence to the contrary).


Yeah thats it surely. We just like stirring the pot for giggles.

I very much doubt that making exclusive Japanese games is profitable at first, but it is necessary, it is a situation similar to game pass, MS spends a lot of money to grow the service, it is not interested in being profitable now, it is interested in being profitable in the future with a larger user base. With exclusive Japanese games it would be something similar, initially it would not be profitable, it will be as MS takes a slice of the cake from Sony talking about fans of Japanese games.


Well, from Japan even if the Kojima thing was true, we are talking about a decade of underinvestment, so…numbers are the proof, like always.

Here we go. Everytime a valid criticism of xbox strategy is brought up its console warring.


I Mean Come On GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers


Signing Kojima doesnt change the reality of JRPG’s and overall japanese investment. Kojima is like the least traditional japanese developer out there and is the equivalent of a free agent signing to show off (will do wonders for the xbox brand PR wise).

Not saying its bad but not entirely related to the discussion I believe.


"The U.S. company has been stepping up discussions with Japan-based game developers about releasing titles on the Xbox, said Sarah Bond, who oversees relations with game creators across the Microsoft gaming ecosystem.

Koei Tecmo Games Co. is one of those firms. Hisashi Koinuma, president of the Japanese publisher, said he’s willing to consider releasing more games for the Xbox if the U.S. company shows continued interest in Japan."

@javycane better than nothing I suppose.


I think it’s easy to see how Xbox is not focusing on Japanese third-party exclusivity since Scalebound was canceled.

Saying that they might be still pursuing it is okay, but there are no signs of that, rumors or anything at all. If they’re pursuing it, they’re failing pretty hard at it.


If you’re going to criticize decades of underinvestment and a terrible first party strategy going into the last gen then I’ll join you. But we’ve seen their investment over the last few years and we’ve read and heard Phil’s words in regards to the Asian community. The past is a sunk cost. I fully expect them to try and learn from their mistakes. What that means, who knows at this point? But we can be sure that they aren’t “afraid” of investing in anything, if it can provide long-term value to Game Pass.

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