XboxEra Community Hangout |OT3| Setting Low Expectations

I was speaking about the Kojima name associated to Xbox, clearly, which could change something in theory. About jrpgs, yeah, FF situation is (huge) bad news, considering Persona is still missing and the mid tier titles you quote are even on dead/infant platforms but not Xbox. I’m starting to think they are bad in japanese relationships outside mighty Phil, come on, there are too many strange situations over there, people really don’t know what Stadia and Luna are and they aren’t even available in Asia, lmao.

Soulsborne games are very good but they are not for all audiences. Imagine a soulsborne game with greater accessibility for anyone to play, based on the Final Fantasy universe and made by Team Ninja, unless they do something very wrong, it sounds like a guaranteed success.

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pff this thing about to do like 2 million opening week easily.

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Yeah, which I don’t really understand why.

I can think of tons of games that could be massive for Xbox, but it feels like they’re just watching deals happen day after day… I still feel that Xbox is not really pushing for Japanese games, even after saying that they want that support a lot.

Show them the support and they’ll support you back.

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Square enix is fucking weird making their biggest franchise to 1 console is bizarre and beyond me


Koei Tecmo president was saying this exact thing like 6 months ago.

It’s clear they have good relationship with Sega and Bamco, ok relationship with Capcom and Konami, ok-ish with SE and bad with KT obviously (saying I don’t trust MS commitment is big deal).

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They need to show up and say “ok, what can we do for this game to exist?” And work that shit out, I’m sure it won’t be nearly as expensive as the games they’re making for first-party right now.

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Guaranteed Money, Lower Risk and lower overall total effort > Multiple platform development.


Yeah, Sony is just paying for the Xbox sales.

Until Xbox shows up and show that Sony can’t cover it anymore or show the money for exclusive games, it’ll keep on losing on the Japanese side.


Yeah, a Nioh-like game is totally cheaper than a Gears game, come on, like much cheaper. 1 in 10 years is too much to ask? Last one was Dead Rising 3.

So laziness basically not surprised coming from square enix who put out a garbage avengers live service game

Garbage company for sure, but they own big IPs and their name holds a weight even for new IPs.

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Nothing about lazyness and more of the simple business side of gaming. Somethings go beyond the plastic box.

Potential Japanese games Xbox could fund into existence.

Dino crisis

Lost Planet

Ninja Gaiden

A Chrono Trigger universe game.

Crimson skies by team Aces

From software sci-fi souls game

Lost Odyssey

Capcom Vs Capcom fighting game

These are just some that I could think right now here, so much potential for those with infinite money…


Yeah, big mistery, almost an unfathomable one and they used to fund games from there…

Anyway, here’s a twist:

Afraid of what? It’s all about resource allocation.

Thats literally not the point and has nothing to do with resource allocation at all.

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Strange thing to tweet about when Team Ninja isn’t shaking their hand at all. Lol