XboxEra Community Hangout |OT3| Setting Low Expectations

I think the Playstation State of Play date arrives today. :eyes:

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Source: Chairmanchuck from otherERA.

It’s a Xbox exclusive… not sure whether timed or otherwise, so it really should have been covered.

You can pre-order it for around £15.

I think it’s not timed, in the trailers for timed exclusives like 12 minutes or The Ascent you’ll never see “Xbox Exclusive” on the preview of the video.

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Looking at the newest Deals with Gold sale I saw that Fell Seal was on sale for 50% off (and DLC 25%) and I remember @Hexer great essay about the this game.

This should be a great game for FF tactics fans.

Store links for game and DLC:


So this is gonna be the new trend huh. “Director’s cut”.

Remasters are old and busted, this is your new old 70$ game.


Director cut sounds so lame for video games imo. Like are they trying to say their publisher Sony blocked them from giving us their vision for the initial release?




Man I wonder if this is another case of not having smart delivery because apparently greedfall for PS+ doesn’t get next gen upgrade

:sweat_smile:. That tweet actually sums it perfectly.

What does he say ?

Why ? Are you blocked lol

Just wait for Batman Arkham VR the Snyder Cut

I was talking about the guy speaking in the meme. I just don’t get what he says :sweat_smile:

The man in the vid is saying - “I don’t think you have the facilities for that, big man.”

Tom Warren - a serious MS journalist - throwing shade. Wow!


I don’t think you have the facilities for that big man.


He has to be trolling now because that is so much nonsense, there’s not even a single doubt. I am sure Ratchet is great but it’s also more of the game and happens to look pretty damn good.

Something like Starfield or Avowed have amazing potential too, those will very likely be something special. Wtf is this guy on?

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The recent PS acquition(s) has bought some hella interesting conversations about. People cant help themselves but to compare to Xbox. My favourite line that ive seen multiple times:

I really like Sony’s approach to nurturing ™ and cultivating ™ talent in their studios. They work with teams for long periods of time before offering all the employees 2 houses and a yacht in exchange for acquisition. Unlike stinky Xbox who ONLY buys studios and publishers to keep games off other platforms. Xbox buys studios forcibly! And studios they have no history with! Such good cultivation ™ from Sony. Congratulations Sony.

Something like that.