XboxEra Community Hangout |OT3| Setting Low Expectations

Yeah, big mistery, almost an unfathomable one and they used to fund games from there…

Anyway, here’s a twist:

Afraid of what? It’s all about resource allocation.

Thats literally not the point and has nothing to do with resource allocation at all.

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Strange thing to tweet about when Team Ninja isn’t shaking their hand at all. Lol


Ahhhh Nioh all over again

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What do you mean by (Microsoft is) too afraid then? I’m not sure they’d turn down decent opportunities with any company if it was the best use of their resources.

I think his point was that MS is clearly unwilling to fund japanese exclusive games, the last AAA was Dead Rising 3, then they tried Scalebound, a trainwreck with casualties, then nothing.


What makes anyone think it’s not the other way around? It could easily be the reality that Japanese Studios are unwilling to accept Microsoft money over accepting money from Japanese Companies they already have personal relationships with?


Every single one? Come on mate, money have no allegiance.

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That would be extremely strange. Imagine not accepting free money… Only if Xbox is absolutely despised by these companies.

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Yeah I think there has to be a Japanese angle to it too. Not the biggest reason, but a factor.

We’re talking about a society that has honor and values, not the typical American corporations, right?


PS5 will have nice lead against Xbox by 2023 which mean this type of deals will continue be cheaper for Sony


Lmao come on Brit.


Please, SE or the likes are as scummy as any western corp, lmao.

Samurai does not exist anymore.

If xbox comes with the money none of these studios are gonna say no. But based on what we are seeing (at least publicly) they dont do that .

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That doesn’t mean they don’t have their own preferences for who they do business with. It’s still people making decisions based on their personal relationships and having to deal with the impact and stigma that comes along with it.

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Koei Tecmo president said this, his own words…XD


Sure then you gotta explain to all the stakeholders why you rejected guaranteed money from Microsoft for a game.