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We know two of them likely to be Omen, Typhoon and Forza , so by my reackoning there could be 2 more to be announced if your hunches are correct.

I was thinking Wolfenstein but Grubb said it wouldn’t be at E3. Compulsion is a good possibility I think.


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5+ major reveals with a solid showing for Halo Infinite and Starfield would have the makings of a great conference. Surround those with a few XGS updates for a few announced games, Game Pass news, some cool indies and a few key third party trailers and you’ve got yourself a top tier Xbox show. It may not live up to the craziest expectations of some but it would be one of Microsoft’s best E3 showings, with the knowledge that the exclusives and Game Pass situation will only improve every year over the next few years.

I’m speculating on Klobrille referring to Project Typhoon, Forza Horizon 3, Arkane’s next game (Omen?), and a Minecraft project. Not sure on a 5th but a Compulsion reveal, Zenimax Online reveal or Wolfenstein 3 seem reasonable. If Jeff Grubb doesn’t think Wolfenstein will be there, I assume it’s because it likely won’t be ready until mid to late 2022 or later. That may not stop them from showing a reveal teaser though, especially if they want to hammer home that future Bethesda games will be exclusive to Xbox platforms.

A big twist or nothing?

With the FF Origins article, I’ve seen a lot of folks mixing Team Ninja with Ninja Theory… So I believe that this is just they having fun.

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Hopefully, it’ll be great.

I’ll still expect it to be complete shit with no salvation, so I can be surprised with almost anything lol.


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omen, typhoon, forza horizon, wolfenstein 3 and 1 game I have no clue from which studio

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After having seen several Biomutant reviews now and one of the complaints being that the world is huge but empty, I really hope Obsidian and PG knock it out of the park with Avowed and Fable. Fable was never open world, so it’s definitely going to be a challenge for them to make that world lively and worth exploring but I have faith in PG.

Obsidian I can’t wait to see what their world will be like. Many studios nowadays try their hand at open worlds, but for me it’s BGS, Rockstar and in some games Ubi. I thought they did a bang up job with WD2 but some other games not so much.

Does “more expected” mean things like Starfield? I was going to ask about the others but then I would rather be surprised. It is only a few weeks away.


Is it just me or does this read like @Klobrille is hinting he may already know 5 of ‘the new titles to be announced this sumner’?

Either way, great to know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I had a thought about the “spin off” of a niche Xbox franchise… … I remember Klobrille talking about Playful making a Rare game, but not something like Banjo or anything else, I remember him specified it was like the “fifth” franchise you’ll think about when you say “Rare”.

So I asking myself : is the spin off game the Playful game he was teasing back in the day ? I always thought it would be interesting to see Viva Pinata coming back as a adventure / platformer game.

wolfenstein 3 maybe? Also we could see what zenimax online has been working on for the past three years

even if they made basically a remake of viva pinata it would do really well imo, especially if it came to mobile and switch

Probably Compulsion’s next game.


I definitely agree that gameplay should have a bigger presence, but will it? From a few others we’ve heard that there supposedly is a bigger focus on that, is that what you’ve heard as well?

You are either not reading what I have said, nor trying to. So, I’ll leave it here .

The controller mapping should be possible - and will NOT be practical. Whenever a port is to be done, expect two things – 1. Controller support, and 2. M+KB support to appear alongside too.

AoE has always been designed to overwhelm your control skills for mass management-- even for the slowest speed settings.

Just saying these AoE players and Adam Isgreen’s opinion don’t matter is just a bad faith conversation, now.
“Let us all look to Paradox for AoE controls. Surely they know more about AoE than all these shills from XGS and Relic.” /s

FFS, man. :man_facepalming:t4: