XboxEra Community Hangout |OT12| The Dirty Dozen

For a lot of people it solely seems to be about how she looks, that’s definitely the impression I’m getting on Twitter. Who cares if the gameplay is worth a damn? Lmao.

there is a GTA subscription service? what?!

To be clear, I’m not saying I would hate any changes made. If they can indeed retain the feel and features of their games while making these changes, then fine. It’s not like I’d complain and wish they’d bring loading screens back if they were to eliminate them.

I just don’t care enough about them to be willing to sacrifice what make Bethesda games unique.

For example, I wouldn’t be surprised if the multitude of moveable objects and the persistent world are two big reasons for the loading screens. And to me those are non-negotiable. If they have to reduce or remove either in order to reduce or remove loading screens, that’s not a trade I’d be in favour of.

As for facial animations, I’ve no problem with them as-is.

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Character design only takes a game so far but thankfully this one plays great. Maybe some people will buy this and be disappointed it actually does require concentration from the player.

I played through a DRPG on Steam recently, extremely long game, where pretty much every enemy, party member, boss was a hot anime girl lol, but the DRPG gameplay itself was so incredibly well done I kept coming back to it.

On the reverse side I’ve tried the “Senran Kagura” games before, 3D beat em ups where again every character is a hot anime girl, but quit within 2 hours due to the lame gameplay loop (watch cutscene where nothing of importance happens, get dropped into box arena, smash the same button over and over to defeat the sandbag enemies, win, repeat)

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Way to keep the device in the mostly worthless category compared to other flexible devices.

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That’s good! I’ll definitely play this once I add a PS5 to my console collection. I do still want to know what happened though, as in, debut at Xbox show under different name back then, and all of a sudden it’s a Sony exclusive. Wouldn’t mind finding out how that works.

I love this game so much. I was so happy when they announced the fps boost for Series consoles.


It was announced for Xbox yeah but I don’t think it was at an Xbox show, it was just a trailer that the devs uploaded themselves IIRC. I think on the Xboxera podcast Jesse said it was going to be cancelled till Sony came in and decided to publishing it, and of course Sony isn’t interested in publishing an Xbox release unless forced so… bye bye Xbox port.

I think it is good that the studio was considering Xbox at all, I did see that they have another new project teased simply as “Cross platform Next Gen game”… provided Sony doesn’t publish again maybe it will be multiplat this time.

The only turn based games I play are strategy turn based games like Mutant Year Zero and Miasma Chronicles. For me, they have to be short (under 30 hours) so I don’t get bored, have a great world/vibe to them and allow me to free roam and explore outside of combat.

A game like Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for example where I put in 140 hours or so, there’s simply no way I would play through that entire game if the combat was turn based. I simply find it dull and boring to just sit there and press a button every few second which is menu based and to possibly have long drawn out grindy battles, oh jeez, I would go nuts. lol

This looks pretty good. I’m waiting for Darksiders 4 too!!! It’s been too long.

I’m really tempted to buy it day one on PSN. Have it “locked” from GameFly but depends on if im working or not that weekend. If im off, I’ll probably buy it. If im working, then I probably won’t since I wouldn’t be able to play the game anyway.

Either way, definitely hyped to play the full game especially after playing the demo twice and like what Ronin has done for me while im waiting for Tsushima 2, Stellar Blade will provide a fix while im waiting for DMC 6 and the next Nier game.

The demo was really good. The combat is smooth, fluid and responsive. Felt great to play which surprised me because I was expecting it to be clunky and stiff. Music is epic. Reminds me so much of Nier Automata which was such a great game in it’s own right. Outfit wise, im sure there will be someone who wears the naked skin suit and still manages to master the game with little to no defensive attributes. lol

I’m obviously super hyped for Stellar Blade and have been since it’s September 2021 trailer at the PlayStation Showcase. Didn’t know about that Project DT game. Looks good and will keep an eye on this game since I don’t remember seeing it before and if I did, I forgot about it. lol

I’m with you. I can deal with the facial animations but the loading screens are very annoying after a while. The only loading screen I have no issue with is when going from space to ground or from ground to space because that would take too long. But going on that subway transit or to enter a building for a mission should be all seamless. But it is what it is.

The combat/gameplay is very smooth, fluid and responsive. Much better than I was expecting going into the demo.

My guess is that Shift Up was looking for a publisher and if it’s a hardware manufacturer, it’s most likely and in all honesty, should be an exclusive because if not, why pay money to publish, market and fund the game?

I put their next game as being on Xbox at 50/50. Sony did sign a second party agreement with Shift Up which could include future games which if it does, you can pretty much kiss an Xbox port goodbye.

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I’d put it at higher than that. The next game is being billed a multiplat. Also, with margins low I doubt Totoki would be doing or risking any moneyhats. Stella blade is at the top of the preorder but that is no indication of how well it will sell, and Sony doesn’t appear to be going hard on marketing it.

I think the game will get eyes on it from other publishers who might want to publish it for other platforms if they see potential in it and I doubt Microsoft would allow themselves to be locked out this time. Other than Mihoyo other Korean devs have been on Xbox and the studio head here worked on Magna Carta 2 for 360. Shift Up’s Next Game Isn’t Stellar Blade 2 or a PS5 Exclusive (

I think what Totoki will be pushing will be growing their subscription services for a guaranteed revenue generator, you can already maybe see this with the new games included. Risk taking like exclusives will be focused on growing their subscription which they can carry to PC not on moneyhatting for a shrinking base.

The only problem is that their next game could be day one on PlayStation and PC which would lead to it not being a PlayStation exclusive because technically, it’s not but they don’t mention that their next game is multi-console, just multi-platform which again, could mean PC and I would say mobile is a very good bet.

Sony has large billboards advertising Stellar Blade as I have seen people post the images of them on twitter.

In regards to seeing Totoki increase revenue, I believe that he’ll speed up the PC releases so they can be day one. Subscription wise, I don’t see him putting a lot of money into PlayStation Plus in regards to day one games. I know there’s two this month but let’s be honest, they’re Indies so I can’t imagine them costing all that much. The money hats benefit Sony and PlayStation so I don’t see him stopping or slowing down any time soon.

We’ll see what he does.

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PC is fine. I do doubt he will skip the Xbox though unless he’s paid or it’s too expensive as I’ve said Mihoyo’s Genshin has been the only one to skip and there’s a reason for that. In regard to the subscription, I actually do think you will see more of a focus on it, but I do agree they will be mostly indie games. I expect he will find a way to get a PC store or app started. I have just never seen any promotion for the game even when it was trending on X also no Youtube or social media commercials.

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Been a while since I saw this. I remember hoping it and “The Vanshee” would make their way to Xbox, not even sure either is still in active development.

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just started resident evil 3 Remake. I wasnt a fan of the original on ps1 but I am likeing this so far. (10 min in)



I was looking up some videos of Tales of Kenzera: ZAU and didn’t realize it was on xbox partner preview. I wonder why it’s going to be on PS+ and not on xbox after getting some marketing. Anyway, game look intriguing.

It definitely shows that Xbox don’t lock down marketing like Sony does, where they’ve been shown to have contracts that say “if we have the marketing, it can’t appear on Game Pass for 12 months” or whatever…

They do lock down marketing, as Persona 3 Reloaded shows us. I think they just don’t force the whole can’t be on this service part, and it’s likely most devs would prefer PS marketing for their games. As it’s the default console.

Maybe Xbox just figured we get this included in the EA Play deal so why pay extra for Day 1 when they could use those funds on something else.