XboxEra Community Hangout |OT10| Insert Catchy Quip Here

xdev?. don’t tell me it’s the same devs who “assisted” the development of callisto protocol. :skull:

Excuse me, Rise of The Ronin yeah.

  1. Redfall
  2. Fable
  3. Starfield
  4. Avowed
  5. Perfect Dark

Xbox’s future looks amazing!

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Yep, this is the correct list.

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Yeah, as much as I ended up not really loving EA, Ubi, SE streams and such, I always did look forward every year to having a week full of conferences to watch. On top of that came those live shows by IGN, Gamespot etc where they had new footage of games and interviewed developers.

That’s all gone now.


Going to the Mario movie next Sunday with my brother, his wife, their three kids and our stepmother.

I am super excited! I have a feeling this movie is going to be a homerun.


Good guy Jez !

Today a friend ask me about Game Pass and what was the deal about it ?

He just got back into gaming after buying a good gaming PC and got a 3 months of Game Pass voucher in the box so he wanted to try it but wanted to be sure it wasn’t some kind of scam… He knows well that I’m the Xbox/MS fan, but man, it feels weird people not knowing about the best deal in gaming !!

What is the catch ?? Nothing !

He was like “Man, that’s so cheap ! WTH ?!” and I was like “yeah, I know !”. I think is one of us now.



Holy shit, thats a deal!


I need to figure out how to get in the headphone review business… Too broke to buy any of these things :valle:

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I’ve seen them that price before but hesitate still, lol. Anyone with them agree that they are worth this price?


Wasn’t it said that the battery life isn’t all that, not a super great bass (for me a big factor) and no Bluetooth?

I have broken two sets of headphones recently I should also tell people how good or bad things are

  • Battery life is acceptable (12 hours gaming, 24 hours Bluetooth).

  • Bass is punchy enough, but I do feel the maximum volume is a tad lacking.

  • It has Bluetooth.

  • Sound quality is super crisp and clear.


I’ve added a new perk to the XboxEra Community Discord Patreon section. Every few days I’ll giveaway an Xbox game exclusively for our Patrons and YT Members!


As indicated already, it does offer BlueTooth. The distinction is the BeoPlays do not do simultaneous audio from the two sources (console and BlueTooth), so no hearing both at once.

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Ah, no thanks then.

Yeah, that is one of the most under-valued function that I never knew I needed until I got used to it with the $99 Xbox Wireless headsets.