Xbox Series X retail boxes are now in warehouses

It’s coming!


Thats my one right there!!! :slight_smile:

Crazy to think it is less then a month away. I remember waiting for Pre-Orders in like June? :joy: Little did I know that would not happen till September :clown_face:


MS now can say Halo Infinite is coming at launch Day 1…On the packaging! :valle:


Soon TM

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Longest 4 weeks ever-incoming…

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Anyone got a four week skip glitch?

Medically induced coma?


That’ll do perfectly, send instructions :wink:

Haha. That reminds me of “Banjo-Kazooie on XSX.”

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Look how many. I just need one.

That’s a question I have though, how many are they shipping at launch? And seeing those news of 80% of preorders being PS5, is Sony really shipping 4 times as many units as MS? I have a hard time believing this to be possible.

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Considering how the Series X is catered to the hardcore Xbox fans I’m not surprised production was limited(if it even was) The Series S is where Microsoft will make their dent in market share.

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You would be very silly to believe that article (It has a very click bait title)

The article you are referring too, only 512 of their readers voted and only 15% of them voters had actually preordered a next gen console anyway.

It’s like me sharing the digital foundry twitter vote when it shows 60% interested in the XSX, 30% ps5, 10% pc cards, that had 32k voters, but overall it means nothing when you consider there will be millions of consumers at launch.

I expect ps5 to sell better overall in the long run, but both will probably be equal at launch :slight_smile:

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He referring to the click bait headline from. Game industry biz :slight_smile:

That’s the stat they put out, but when you read the article you see it had 512 voters, only 15% have actually preordered a next gen console.

I had never even heard of the site, till someone posted the click bait on resetera.

not long to wait now people we are no the final stretch

I posted in the wrong place :sweat_smile: sorry…

Was on IGN’s Twitter feed, can’t believe they are actually doing so much clickbait and console wars considering they are journalists, not something I expect from such a big outlet.

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Pointless spending any time on console sales anymore, MS have explicitly stated that this number is not important to them but having the best place to play (strongest) console HW is.

So as long as they sell enough boxes and game pass subs to make their eco system sustainable according to their plans it’s a non issue.

IGN and others will continue to post this stuff because clicks is their business model, doesn’t mean anyone has to pay attention to it.

I certainly won’t be thinking about it on Nov 10 :slight_smile:

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