Xbox Q3 Quarterly Revenue A Potential Record Amount

Im not confident the PS5 could run it. Maybe the pro could, but thats a very limited user base.

Taking its time though…from the looks of it, the last game was mid PS4 gen…2018…thats a huge gap.

Less than 5 million is terrible. The PS5 userbase needs to start buying more games if they want Xbox to bring more games over. Pentiment, Grounded and Hi Fi Rush havent sold worth the effort to port. Its all up to Sea of Thieves now.

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According to what I’m reading in other forums online, it’s the last Xbox gen and anyone saying otherwise is a fool. Also, next gen Xbox will be all powerful and expensive and no one will buy it and it’s done on purpose by MS to sabotage Xbox consoles and move to full 3rd party faster.

Yeah, fear mongering and tribalism at its finest!


I’m mostly in agreement against the doom and gloom, as I’ve currently an Xbox backlog so big I need to stop time for a year so I can catch up - and I’m really excited to see what Xbox do with PC stores etc.

But just to correct one thing - Forza Horizon 5 runs on the Xbox One as well as the Series S and X, so I do imagine the PS5 and even PS4 could run it fine - Playground are wizards, FH4 and 5 both look amazing even on a One.

One of my favourite game series and developers so I’m a bit protective of them! :slight_smile:


Yea that section of the gaming community can just roll up in a corner and die somewhere.

This EXTRA drama seems to be the main course for many gamers and actual “gaming” is a side distraction.

Look shit is going to play out how it plays out and as an individual consumer their is very little you can do to change that. Forum posts aren’t going to change anything. Just look at trends and as an example you can see that physical media is dead EVERYWHERE for EVERY piece of media and gaming is finally catching up with that. So you either deal with the changing landscape of gaming or find a different hobby.

Next up is consoles, yea you can still buy blu ray players but they are not pushed as some uber flagship experience anymore and most people have just moved to streaming. This WILL happen with game consoles and has already started. For all the bluster of Sony even they are feeling the crunch of a collapsing console hardware market where kids today think of Console Gaming as an old person boomer thing.

Given this direction whose eco system do you want to be in? Sony where they are clinging to dear life on an old console business model, are constantly nickel and diming it’s user base and would rather sell you a remaster then worry about game preservation or Xbox that has many teams in place for BC and forward compatibility and have done the real world work to make sure your games can be played on practically any device?

Once most people get past the plastic box console wars maybe they will look at Xbox with fresh eyes and see how much better that eco system is setup for gaming value and gaming preservation in the future and won’t live or die on hardware sales which as we have seen over the decades can be wildly unpredictable. I’m glad my entire game library is not 100% dependent on massive console hardware sales to stay alive.


There was a point in the Xbox One generation that I began to find gaming discussion more interesting than the games themselves. It was mainly driven by the decreased output and my own limited taste at the time. Game Pass opened me up to different types of games and I’ve been fed pretty good sense.

I wonder how many are still stuck there. I always find it hard to complain about stuff that some of these folks are complaining about (like no first party Q1 release) because there are a bunch of third party games to play and games I bought just 3 or 4 months ago.


Yea each console is pretty much 98% the exact same games and their have been TONS of great games released over the last year. The No games thing was always stupid and not an actual part of reality.

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Your last sentence is such an important point; I trust Microsoft with my purchases, regardless of outcome, far more than I do with Sony (as should anyone). This is the same company that just killed LBP3 support after four months of taking it down “for security reasons”, so anyone with content is SoL. Sony has a long history of removing access to their own games and services well within their normal lifespan.


Totally agree with you. I’ll however say that movies and music, at least for me , is in a different spot as 4K physical media is still leagues ahead streaming in terms of picture quality so it’ll still have its place for some time but it is rapidly decreasing in popularity due to streaming being more convenient but not necessarily superior, and the same goes somewhat for music although lossless is becoming more and more prevalent so at least for that form of media it’s not as bad. Games though aren’t affected by going digital as they are the same in the end.

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I think theres an argument to be made against licensing a 3 year old game that’s already 40m deep with another 10 or 15m to go that will only hit 1400p on a competitors console having much of a market. If much hyped games like Forespoken, FF16 and 7R aren’t putting up good numbers, why would old Xbox rope?

Because it’s still the best driving game around - the graphics, fun and experience are still well beyond anything else to the point Ubisoft tried to copy it with The Crew Motorfest.

It’s a true “live service” game done well, with constant events and new cars (not that I bother with the events, I completed it early on and now just relax on it).

The nearest thing to it might be Test Drive Unlimited when that returns - it’s about the love of cars while still being fun (compared to the sanitised boring racing of Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo).

I’ve loads of friends with PS5s who would love to play it - yes it’s not going to do FIFA or CoD numbers but given how many it’s done on PC and Xbox I’ve no doubt it could do better than almost any other Xbox game on PlayStation.

To be honest, it’s also one I’m not too worried if it did make the leap - it’s a live service game, and Sony are giving us their live service ones for the most part (that weird Fairplay$ or whatever the hell it is, and Marathon) and it’s good to have a wide player base so it’s fine to reciprocate…

(Even Halo Infinite multiplayer I’d not be too worried about - while if the campaign meant we finally got some single player DLC for it I’d be helping them port it myself!)

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none of those are GaaS titles that are wildly successful.


Well Thieves and GROUNDED are so with 150m or so console, Playstation needs to add significant numbers to be worthwhile. 10 million more copies a piece is pretty reasonable expectation. Anything less isn’t really worthwhile.

Lol at that expectation. Anything lower than 600 million in revenue is not worthwhile?

How many copies do you think these games have actually sold on Xbox/PC?


What are you on about?

Sea of Thieves just hit 40m, while Grounded is reckoned to be 20m.

So there’s 60m users for both, not 150m.

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That’s the best case scenario. More realistically I think we are looking at less than FFVIIR2 which would be a flop in no uncertain terms. Of course I could be wrong and SoT could sell 10 million first month on Playstation, though that would be going against the pattern.

3 million additional sales would be great, games probably didn’t sell more than that on Xbox and PC. I don’t put a ton of weight to total player numbers for Game Pass games, SOT is not nearly as successful as it’s total player count woukd imply.

I guess it said SOT had 5 million sales on Steam at the end of 2021. So that’s pretty good, but not ‘we should expect 10 million on Playstation’ good.

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I’ll just politely say that no, your expectations are out of whack with reality.

lol. Both Grounded and SoT added FIVE million players in the last 3 months. 6 year old game. 4 year old game. 3 million would be a disaster.

I’m not sure if you’re doing it as a troll or you just simply don’t fully understand the difference is between players vs actual premium sales.


for the cost of a port, no it wouldn’t be because those are paying customers and not just playing in a subscription service. can we stop this?