Xbox Q3 Quarterly Revenue A Potential Record Amount

You are stuck with people at Xbox who run Xbox at Microsoft in a sustainable way.

You want people at Xbox who would kill Xbox at Microsoft pretty fast.

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Maybe. But is it wrong to actually want benefits from the brand in forms of pc and hardware that ones would on any other place?

Is it wrong to feel like as a consumer this all has not be great news for me as a user as it feels like the heads of both xbox and microsoft ignore hardware all together to get that playstation and nintendo money?

Only if Playstation and nintendo to the same. They haven’t and will not do so, know why? They value their customers unlike Xbox. So where is the benefit for us users of hardware?

Again they treat folks who have been with them in the worst of times as trash and waste, its like they do not care about any of it, instead they to suck up other console revenue.

They do not want competition as they spoken about last year during trial and much rather be friendly with its consoles competitors.

There’s going to be chaos to erupt in June, cause an 2013 disaster is going to happen with the way things are going and i do not want folks complain afterwards that i was right.


I find it funny how console warriors still use this argument so frequently on social media.

The amount of posts I still see where people say without ABK or without Bethesda Xbox would be nothing, but the fact is they do have ABK and Bethesda so it’s a null argument.

When people talk about Playstation they don’t say well without 15 of their current 22 studios that they’ve acquired (3/4) they would be nothing either.

Then they bring in the whole organic/inorganic nonsense AKA Jim Ryan BS. They treat studios like Housemarque as organic after just one exclusive, well if that’s the case Bethesda was organic too as they had exclusive(s) for Xbox.

Then Bungie because Destiny had exclusive maps, guns and skins on PS3 and PS4. If that’s the case then ABK was also organic as CoD had tonnes of exclusive content back in the X360 days.


Its Microsoft, a public traded company, not the Lakers.

Besides I’m not feeling treated like trash and I’m ‘with Xbox’ since the early 360 days :woman_shrugging: I think the worst time for me was 2016-2017 when not a lot of games came out, the hardware was subpar and Phil and Co. closed studios. Right now I have great hardware, great ecosystem and lots of studios and software to play and to look forward to.

Complaining is a bit pointless. So my question to you: what do you want them to do exactly?


Honestly, i just want them do be honest to those that acquired their hardware for games. Like i imagine it was for many as well here. I want them to say that we are not going to forget you for the sake of others consoles and will continue to invest in your decision to continue with Xbox consoles by making stuff that is desirable for hardware.

In my opinion, one usually buy a console for two reason: Flagship Games(Halo, Forza and whatnot), stuff that is associated with the Xbox Brand of consoles, and the overall ecosystem, which equals to gamepass and forward/backward compatibility.

So how would the future of console look like without a flagship series not associated with them? Kinda dour no? That could the brand, not only console but overall appeal.


Didn’t Phil and Sarah say that at the roundtable?

Why would the next Xbox not have a flagship series like Halo, Fable, Gears or Forza?


It sounds like you want them to address things like they’ve gone full multiplatform when they haven’t gone fully multiplatform.


Because i feel like they would be silly enough to actually port flagship titles and franchises, just to spite console users and make the brand as undesirable as possible long term. They did it with Sea of Thieves, what is do say they do so with Halo, Gears and Forza.

Because i feel like they would and that kinda makes me question my investment overall.

The next Xbox is going to have those games but all the other platforms are going to have those games too.

Just look at how happy Satya Nadella was about Microsoft owning 7 of the 25 top selling games on PlayStation.

And that isn’t bad at all. Remember: If everybody plays we all win, except maybe the few remaining players on Xbox consoles, but they really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

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I think the crux of the issue is PS5 owners aren’t buying games, as Final Fantasy 16 and 7R2 showed, so its unlikely Microsoft will continue.

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Square Enix are having their own issues. Final Fantasy is for old people. Don’t believe me? Just ask your kids if they or their friends are in into Final Fantasy.

PlayStation players clearly buy games, just not those and one could think that Sony probably aren’t going to invest as much in exclusivity deals for games like these in the future.

Microsoft seems fine with how much they’re selling on PlayStation. Again…Satya Nadella seemed very happy.

Imagine how great Forza Horizon would do on PlayStation.


I blame Sony for sullying the brand. Of course that doesn’t affect Forespoken,Rise of the Ronin or Steller Blade which have also sold poorly,

They buy call of duty, I can’t recall the last time Sony had a major 20m seller, 5 or 6 years ago?


I think it would sell terribly. I’m not even sure the PS5 could run 5. it’s 4K/60 remember!

Why not save the doom until they actually do what you feel they will? There would be a a lot more people with the same thoughts at that point.


What are these “few remaining players on Xbox consoles” losing? I’m one of those and I don’t feel like i am losing anything.


I mean the games aren’t going anywhere. We’re getting more of them if anything.

Just because the Xbox hardware isn’t desirable, it does not mean it’s a diminished platform for the customer.

The idea of a hard generation start/stop is kind of done, it’s all just one melting pot where you can access games across a multi gen hardware. In that kind of environment, it’s like yeah, Xbox hardware is going to get impacted the most because it’s by far the least popular console but that does not mean theres less gamers on the platform.


I feel like Satya saying they had record engagement on consoles got missed by a lot of people.


I don’t read the full memo, and no one that wants clicks is going to report Xbox is doing good.


LOL Forza would sell great, don’t fool yourself. Sea of thieves is already doing extremely well especially with preorders on psn. Also, many gamers don’t care or notice true 4K60fps compared to a dynamic res, despite headlines and social media posts from digital foundry and hardcore loud gamers, most people will just play the game as is.

Sony also has had many 20m sellers. GoW Ragnarok was at 15m in November, and will eventually hit 20m.

And as for Microsoft games selling “terribly” on PSN, are you expecting each title to sell 5 million or something? Hifi Rush wasn’t a massive seller on Xbox, or PC, despite its reception, nor Pentiment. I assure you MS has likely reasonable expectations sales wise for each title individualized, and if anything the extra sales from these ports keeps the xbox brand more money and brand recognition.


I’m more excited than ever about Xbox hardware because it sounds like they are innovating instead of doing the same old, here’s box but it’s more powerful this time

People need to understand that gaming has changed and will continue to change fast and it won’t just be Xbox making changes in the long term

There’s people out there where if they still had their way, these consoles still wouldn’t even have online stores because digital bad or push for online multiplayer


I think for the time being the gaming community simply wants to panic and doom and gloom no matter what good news comes out the happiness just does not last.

For me it’s the best time I’ve had as an Xbox gamer and I’m very happy Xbox is setting up a diverse business model so my game library will be playable regardless of hardware.

Imagine having to buy a Sony blu ray player to watch blu ray Movies from Sony? Yea that sounds pretty stupid but that is what the gaming industry is trying to get out of and Fanboys will take time to let that crap go it seems.

Much like physical discs physical local hardware is on a time limit, if it’s viable decades from now it will be niche, and Xbox is setup better then any platform holder for a post console gaming world.

My games and saves will survive past local physical hardware,