Xbox Marketing Talk |OT|

It’s Microsoft, the corporation that makes 16-20 billion dollars in profit every 4 months, not even revenue but actual profit, they can eat the loss and actually put some effort in the platform that is by far the most accessible and easiest to enter the Xbox ecosystem for the masses all over the world, they also just spent like 70 billion on ABK, not to mention all the undisclosed money spent fighting huge regulatory agencies to get it through, they can put the effort without going out of business or even suffering at all, there’s just no desire to do it on their part.

Also PS5 has been growing their base in certain markets over the PS4, certain markets where the Xbox Series is doing worse than the Xbox One, like the UK and US, markets where Xbox consoles never lost the casual/mainstream market but are quickly losing this generation, Sony has also said before that a decent percentage of their PS5 users are new to the ecosystem and people clearly buy PS5s es mass even after they raised prices a while ago but they’ve put in the effort with smart 3rd party partnerships and exclusives and worldwide marketing that Microsoft never has since the 7th generation.

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Phil has said that he is required to run Xbox as a profitable business so they can’t just lose money on hardware endlessly.

Also we know that like 40-50% of Series S owners are new to the Xbox ecosystem.


PS5 is not growing, their audience is smaller now than it was in 2020. They’re desperately trying to gain customers by cutting prices as they start shifting to adapt Xbox’s strategy.


Their software is also disappointing. It’s like nothing is clicking as fast as before.


PS5 sales have pretty much caught up with PS4 sales, their almost at the same level when you compare timelines. They have also gained marketshare to the detriment of Xbox in several markets. The generation also has several more years to go and it seems Sony is just now reaching cruising speed in terms of sales.

I mean, sure PS+ has flattened or gone down a bit, but that could just be the higher price dissuading some users as their numbers are still pretty high for some reason that is completely unknown to me as the service is far from having the quality of content that Game Pass has.

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We saw, thanks to the Insomnihack, that they’ve lost 13 million MAU’s since the start of the generation and they’re counting consoles, portals, and backbones with ps5 buttons as consoles. They’re not gaining customers, which Xbox is. Xbox has more MAU’s on their “platform” than PlayStation at 120 million (to 107). They have 150 million MAU’s for 1st party games across all platforms. (mostly thanks to Minecraft). Those numbers triple with ABK added in now. King alone is 240 million mau’s last quarter

Both platforms have their strengths and their weaknesses. We’re used to console sales being the end all but they’re not, not anymore.


Canadian here so they change the commercials for us and nothing remotely Xbox related during any of the games :frowning:

I don’t remember the last Xbox ad on tv I have seen a lot of sports and my girlfriend puts it on for background noise when on the tablet.

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Also a Canadian and they rarely do it. I know MLB the show xbox version was advertised during Blue Jays games. I’ve always found it weird they’ve never done gamepass ads or many ads in general for their games. Meanwhile, you’ll see ads for Nintendo and Playstation games.

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Yeah and it’s not like Microsoft doesn’t advertise remember. A few years ago the surface push like every 4th ad on any station was a surface tablet

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First of all wow, this is going to get to 10 million fast with that sales rate and all the players on Game Pass. Seeing as this is an Xbox console exclusive and on Game Pass I think we will be seeing a strong marketing push for this game. Easy marketing W for Game Pass. Just make a commercial about joining 10+ million players in Palworld and then show all the perfect 10 review scores for Persona 3 Reload. And Starfield and Forza and all the other good Game Pass games recently released.

Its just getting started. Smart move


I was thinking about this recently… Has anyone seen a Game Pass ad on Twitch?

I haven’t seen one yet but I don’t go on to Twitch a whole lot. But I’ve seen hundreds of ads and none of them were Game Pass.

I’m just curious because that should be a no-brainer.

At this point I sincerely hope Xbox has been saving up that marketing budget for years now in order to spend it all on GTA6.

They used it on Persona 3 Reload over Times Square.

I haven’t been on twitch for a while, but yes, I have seen Game Pass ads on twitch.

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Just got a MS Copilot on the Super Bowl, so MS I guess understands publicity. Now, where’s our Xbox commercial!

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was thinking the same, Microsoft does a great job of pushing azure, office, now copilot, but other than starfield xbox marketing is pretty bad, especially outside of the US, it’s quite bad in most parts of europe and even worse in asia where some stores won’t even stock xbox’s