Xbox Marketing Talk |OT|

This is a topic that has been making rounds today and seems to be a symptom of a larger “issue” within Xbox.

Today, the official release date for Grounded was unveiled.

This game is one of Xbox’s most successful new IP in recent memory, and yet this huge announcement is only tweeted from Grounded’s official twitter account.

I have noticed a similar scenario with Redfall. There have been incredibly informative updates for the game, but the only accounts that seem to care are ones directly associated with Bethesda, Xbox is once again a no show.

So the question is, is this an issue? Xbox seems to have inconsistent marketing across their various social media platforms. Everything seems a bit disconnected, game announcements, streams, etc are often relegated to individual social media accounts rather than a larger push by Xbox itself. How do you feel about this?


Bethsheba kind of runs themself including marketing. Which is why it inconsistent with the rest of Microsoft

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Xbox marketing has been bad for a long time. A lot of times people don’t even know good games are comming. I can imagine from a developers perspective why bother with a marketing deal with xbox if they dont push a game. I think of Rogue legacy two. a fantastic game most people dont know about because xbox didn’t push it despite it being on xbox only. as a fan its irritating especially when i see sony push dethloop a bethesda and xbox IP in a way you dont see xbox market its own games like. if that makes sense


I think we had a similar discussion on this forum last year.

And I’m still the opinion that Xbox marketing sucks, especially for individual games and regional marketing.

I have a feeling that Microsoft put every marketing budget into Game Pass and if Game Pass is successful, the games will be automatically successful as well.


Its absolutely terrible most of the times!


There isn’t a marketing budget for simply having brand connection through social media

I know @Klobrille feels strongly about this. He has tweeted about it often enough I hope Xbox is really paying attention.

This topic is discussed on a regular basis indeed. Xbox really lacks that promotion power that Playstation has. Hell, Xbox Youtube account does not even upload game videos sometimes.

Sometimes I even pity games with Xbox marketing rights - Xbox does not really promote them - no banners, no cross account promotion. They are good at promoting accessories, consoles etc. They only recently started to pick up steam with GP marketing. It does not help that they don’t do State of Plays and so on.

And that’s GP! Their whole core service! I have no hope for game promotions :joy:

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Not really. There was no information there that warrented a masive blowout. The game already passed 10 million in early access. Its already successful.

It still does not mean that Xbox should not promote me. It reminds me of “the game is on Game Pass, it does not require marketing”

Oof, absolutely, so much work needed in marketing, branding both global and regional, and localization. Xbox is in a very inconsistent and a lot of the time bad state in that stuff. Game Pass and word of mouth do help and there’s no denying they’re doing great with that but there needs to be that complete and cohesive push into the mindshare where things work together consistently and reliably.

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Yeah, thats true though. If the game can’t be successful as a freebie for 30 million people, no amount of advertising will change that.

Honestly in this case, we had an announcemente on E3 last month about the release on September, even tho exact day wasn’t given. Also the game has been playable for a long time, and this is more like a big patch with new content, etc. While they could have tweeted it the rest of Xbox accounts, i don’t think this was a big deal.

This said Microsoft’s marketing has sucked for a long time, i can’t remember the last time i saw an Xbox TV Ad, maybe UK/US guys are more used to seeing them, but for the rest of Europe for example, it’s hard to see any marketing. Nothing to do with the X360 era, specially on Halo 3 times.

A proof of how bad MS’s marketing is, is that i was glad when i heard Bethesda is running their own marketing campaigns, Starfield really deserves to be everywhere on the previous month of it’s release, i hope they’ll go hard with ads both on TV / Internet for it.

Half of the ads I see on TikTok are PlayStation, I have seen 0 Xbox ads.

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I don’t agree. A lot of people play a single game (like COD) and do not care about other games. You have to shove it into their throat - roughly speaking - in order to divert their attention to something else.

Any game that is coming out soon should be marketed. Grounded gained population despite Xbox marketing…Imagine how popular it could if Xbox promoted it? Xbox doesn’t have that marketing machine that Playstation has. And they should have it. Imagine what Xbox could achieve if they had all of this in Xbox 360 era.

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While I think some people go overboard in regards to Xbox marketing of things or rather, lack of it at times I do agree that there are aspects that definitely could be easily improved

The grounded thing above along with videos of various games just not being uploaded on the main xbox youtube channels is just awful, like why would you not upload videos there?

I remember seeing videos from Double Fine and Bethesda release on their channels, why not put them on your own damn channel for more exposure? It seems like such a basic thing and yet they refuse to do it

Sometimes it feels like they rely on GP and word of mouth over everything else for some games and don’t get me wrong, obviously some games will be marketed more than others but ffs, there’s no reason to not be uploading things to your own damn main channels


The marketing team has almost no marketing at all. There’re many folks who still thought xbox has 0 first party titles for 2022. People never heard of As dusk falls, Pentiment and ARA. Even mojang was recognized by some as an independent 3rd party studio.

Yeah I know Sarah bond and other leads participated theater events for As dusk falls, but how many people will watch these kinds of show? What was Xbox twitter team doing for this game? They didn’t even talk about how this game would be played or just share some beautiful screenshots.

All I know is the poor Xbox publishing studio once sent some promo stuff for their partner. Due to the limited number of followers, few people retweets or comments.

Interesting. I dont think I agree. Do you know…i never saw a single TV ad for Forza Horizon 5 and never saw a single ad for Halo infinite…but i did see 3 TV ads for Ghostwire Tokyo.

The player base of those games i think speak for themselves. Some things just are.

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Oh, c’mon, you brought Halo as an example :joy: Xbox 360 era marketing of Halo was the peak and first 3 games are what allows Halo still to be popular.

It is certainly helps when you have years to build the following right?