Xbox Games Showcase & Starfield Direct |OT| SPOILER FREE

Xbox Era is going live at 12:30 PM on June 11th, 2023 as we co-stream the Xbox Gamse Showcase & Starfield Direct!

Join @Sikamikanico, @Shpeshal_Nick, @SoulBlazerz , and myself as we react live.

Use this thread for any and all co-stream discussion, predictions, and more!

We’ll be live for the extended showcase as well, of course!


Where are the FanFests going to be located? I have signed up for the Melbourne FanFest (whether I go or not is another question.)

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We can turn the chat feature on the site back on for the show as well, should be fun!


Alright here we go here’s my crazy prediction.

(note if none of this happens I will be ok and you don’t need to check on me, this is for fun)

In no order.

  1. Hellblade 2
  2. Avowed
  3. Fable
  4. State of Decay 3
  5. Gears tease
  6. Gears Collection
  7. Tatanka
  8. Project Midnight
  9. Perfect Dark
  10. Project Cobalt
  11. Forza Motorsport
  12. Age 4 console
  13. Project Belfy
  14. Stalker 2
  15. Xbox Elite Series 3 controller
  16. Tease for the Xbox Series X Pro holiday 2024
  17. One last thing announcement Banjo 3 is in development + a remaster for the older games
  18. GaaS updates

Hellblade 2, Forza and Avowed are safe bets, seems like Gears collection announcement for this 2023 very likely.

I think we’ll get a couple announcements, which would be Compulsion’s and Coalition’s (Gears 6), getting a 2024 date for one of these would be a nice surprise.

Then some of the Xbox Game Publishing ones like Contraband, Belfry, or Ara.

For the famous games that are a bit missing like Fable, Perfect Dark, State of Decay or Everwild, they might not appear yet, maybe Fable has a chance, not sure if gameplay or in-engine but i don’t think we’ll see it this “E3”.

Overall it should be way better than last conference which was quite meh with all the indies, GaaS and the “12” months thing, i expect something like E3 2021 but with better gameplay.

Just like i said last year before the showcase, dates will be very important, i hope we get some release date for Avowed or Hellblade at least.


We can just copy and paste our predictions from last year since last year Xbox didn’t deliver :sweat_smile:


So I seriously have to get up at 2am again for this?


“Safe” bets aside, I really want to see what id Software are working on.


I just want to see more Starfield & Stalker 2. Everything else will be a nice bonus.

Same here, considering DOOM Eternal came out at 2020 maybe it’s time for an announcement/teaser at the showcase and maybe a gameplay trailer at Quakecon.

My “not safe” predictions:

  • Gears 6 tease
  • Gears Collection (believe!)
  • Halo: Project Tatanka
  • Quake Reboot
  • Perfect Dark (gameplay trailer)
  • Kojima’s game trailer
  • Scalebound revival teaser

Can’t wait! I believe that it’s gonna be a great show. :partying_face:


While i don’t quite think this is the “this is it or else” show that some have presented it as, but i do think this is the show where they need to make people outside of the Xbox ecosystem feel “damn i’ve gotta get an xbox” or whatever. Granted that should be the idea behind every showcase :rofl: But I do feel recent ones have been really good if you’re already an Xbox owner, etc. I’m not saying we need to see every elusive announced game resurface, but I think it’s time we do see a bit more from all the studios that Xbox have acquired over the years. If we got a show where Hellblade 2 and Avowed impress with pure gameplay and then backed up by maybe ID showing a teaser for Quake, perhaps in engine trailers from Perfect Dark or Fable or even a Wolfenstein 3 announcement. Basically I feel they need to show a few more big hitters this time around and the likes of them all being exclusive would make people think “wow Xbox has got some good shit cooking”.

That said i do have high (but realistic) hopes for the show. I did enjoy last year’s but i went into that one thinking “Microsoft have so many studios now i can’t wait to see just some of their stuff” but it didn’t really turn out that way. This time around I am more confident we’ll see more of what’s been cooking.


My assumption with Id is that they’d announce at QuakeCon, but someone that knows their previous announment history and what their past E3 presence is like can correct me.


I’m really curious why they dropped Bethesda from the showcase name. Did they do it for a sort of unification or because there will be only Starfield with its direct?

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Hopefully unification, it is all Xbox after all. Maybe they didn’t think they needed to remind people that they bought Bethesda anymore lol


My prediction:

Hellblade 2 new gameplay and release date

Contraband Gameplay and release date

Avowed gameplay

Compulsion games reveal trailer

InXile game reveal trailer

Forza Motorsport release date trailer

Quake reboot reveal trailer

Spyteam reveal trailer

Stalker 2 release date trailer

Silksong release date trailer

New 3rd party Gampass Day 1 release reveal

Halo Infinite Battl Royale Mode reveal

Fallout 4 Next-Gen update, Shadow Drop


It could be. But they called the january stream “Xbox & Bethesda Developer Direct”… It’s also true that if they manage to acquire Activision, future showcases won’t be able to call them “Xbox & Bethesda & Activision & Blizzard & King Games Showcase” :sweat_smile:

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It is possible rusty they don’t have anything to show. Tango has releases projects recently, both Arkane studios recently. Starfield has their own event. Options that might be ready to show would be Id, Machine Games, and Zenimax Online.

Would be awesome to see Zenimax Online’s game announced


i count 3 playground employees who tweeted “we can’t wait to show you fable” in the past few months and hopefully it was a sign for this showcase.


Both DOOM 2016 and DOOM Eternal were announced at E3 conferences with teaser trailers and had gameplay trailers/more in depth stuff shown at Quakecon.