Xbox Games Showcase & Starfield Direct |OT| SPOILER FREE

As long as I get something about the next Id game, even just a teaser, everything else will just be a cherry on top.

I suppose it could come as soon as 2024 going by timing between 2016 and Eternal, but maybe an extra year if it’s Quake since they’d have more work to do?

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Yeah 2024 is a bit of wishful thinking I guess, 2025 could make more sense considering the pandemic and all. Still I’d love to see what they are cooking!

My launch month predictions with there delay dates

Forza Motorsports : shadow drop (game or beta) on showcase day. Final game launch in July - August

Starfield : September 6… May delay to end of the year or may be 60 fps patch coming later or something

Gears collection : game remaster in UE5 tech. Need Our prayers to bring it into existence. Holiday launch

Hellblade 2 : Holiday launch dates announced. May get delay to Q1 2024

Avowed : Q2 2024 launch window. May get delay one or two month

Atleast 3 new more games from First party studios + partnerships with launch window in 2024

Development update of atleast 3 already announced games either from PD, and Fable, Everwild, SoD3, contraband, Ark 2

Stalker 2 : release date if finally coming this year

Game hype moment : New announcements of Inxile, complusion, coilation or Bethesda studio games (any one)

Hardware Hype : elite controller 3. Handheld or PC OS support. Mid gen refresh 2024 launch

From my fav studio Playground Games: tricky situation. I am not sure if the next FH will come out first or the Fable. FH6 could be this year following the traditional launch years of 2. But coming out of the FH5 success they may want one additional year. This makes it to 2024 holiday title. Now Fable launch seems tricky cause I don’t think they will launch two games in one year.

So what is it? FH6 coming this year or Fable coming in 2025?

Disclaimer : Hardware Hype is pure fan boy sepaculation and fantasy. Any follow up argument will not entertained.

They took 3 years for FH5 so I’m assuming they get at least that. I could even see them (actually, I hope they do) take 4-5 years for FH6. I think it’ll depend on the direction they take with FH6 and also what their resources look like after having split off into 2 studios.

You know what they should do? They should sneak in an “announcement” into the usual closing montage recap of games at the end. Like just drop a few seconds of something never seen before right in the middle without saying anything about it at all.

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Avowed seems very likely, finally! As for Playground, I hope they take a break and just not have a new FH this year or even next year. I’m personally burned out on FH, and I am hoping for something truly fresh and cool in FH6 and if that takes time, no problem.

A Fable reveal would be awesome. Matt Booty has seen it and he wants to show it to everyone, but that was last year and PG wasn’t ready. Hopefully they are now.

It all sounds good to me, except one. BGS really better stick to that date now, for real. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


A small price to pay for living in the best country in the world :joy:

It’s a public holiday too (Queen’s Birthday actually King’s Birthday) so at least i don’t have to worry about dropping the kids off at school.

IIRC, showcases have gone for 90ish minutes the past few years? Then maybe at least another 30 minutes for the Starfield Direct. Probably no point going back to bed at that rate.


I wonder if there is any chance we’ll hear about Brass Lion’s Wu-Tang game

I’m going with my (not so safe) predictions :

  • Avowed gameplay segment (4 to 6 minutes) and a release window first semester of 2024)
  • Forza Motorsport short gameplay segment (2 minutes) and a day and date open beta which will keep your progression until the full release is august.
  • Belfry (Wandering Tower) showing up with a great looking anime style trailer and a glimpse of gameplay, releasing first quarter of 2024 (february)
  • Compulsion Games show their project Midnight, adventure third person with immersive sim elements, coming 2024 with no precision.
  • Hellblade II showing up, gameplay segment showing off impressive combat in a surrealist and impressive scene, december 2023.
  • Gears Collection showing up, with a beautiful trailer of Gears 2 anniversary. Include Gears Ultimate remaster, Gears 2 entirely remade in UE 5, Gears 3 remaster in UE 5, Gears Judgment remaster in UE 5. Besides Judgment which is not include in multiplayer, all maps has been port to UE 5.
  • Gears 6 is teased with an in engine two minutes trailer.
  • Even if Activision / Blizzard is not bought, Diablo IV made is way to gamepass.
  • Halo Infinite Season 4 Infection is announced at stage.
  • Sea of Thieves massive new season.
  • Quake Reboot, 2024.
  • Contraband is shown with a short gameplay segment of 2 minutes. 2024.
  • Playground Games is really happy to show the first in engine environment of Fable. Targetting first half of 2025. This is the prettiest open world you’ll see.
  • Last but not least : Banjo Redooie, both games in UE 5.

5 new games announced (two are remasters / remake collection) one is a Bethesda game, and Xbox invite you for an XO in novembre 2023.


my prediction is one studio is working on either a Marvel or Warner Bros Ip.


Which studio do you think that could be?

my guess is The Coalition

What I fully expect to see: Starfield (well duh), Forza Motorsport, Hollow Knight Silksong, Hellblade 2 , And SOT update

My predictions: Avowed, Fable, Double Fine’s next game, Compulsion’s next game, And Inxile’s next game

My wishes: Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, And Indinana Jones

Overall, Im going to keep my expectations in check. The only surprises I expect is Hellbalde 2 and Silksong.


Hellblade 2 and FM launch date trailers are my locks

Avowed feels like another lock but iv been hurt before so this is in my very likely section

I can see them having a Halo Infinite season 4 trailer if it’s beefy/infection/new progression etc

Other than those I dont know what to expect at all but I don’t expect anything from a lot of the early announced stuff so no Fable, Perfect Dark, Everwild, SoD3, Indiana Jones

I think it’s too early for iD’s next also

Does launch date trailer assume a 2023 release for Hellblade 2? I feel like if it’s early 2024 they won’t provide a date, that they’ll be more conservative with dates in general.

Sorry, by launch date trailer I meant just FM

But now that I think about it I could see Hellblade getting some kind of date

If it’s this year, an actual date, if it’s next year a launch window, Q1 of whatever

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just like project dragon, at this point it is a matter of “is it still being attached to xbox?” rather than " when will xbox/developer reveal the game?."

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I have a feeling Hellblade 2 will get a date, it feels like it’s time. Plus Phil Spencer heavily implied it in that interview the other day.

Given how deep we are into the generation, any of the previously announced projects can be shown, but my personal hope is that they announce Stoic’s, Compulsion’s, and a new project at the show

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