Xbox Game Studios |OT9| How many games would a game studio make if a game studio could make games?

Very nice to hear this.

I have not seen such rumors at all. This would be odd too, but it did start development when still at SE, I guess they still are until the deal is done. But who came with the rumor?

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Speaking of Perfect Dark…

What do we factually know from the developer itself? It’s first person, was compared to high quality TV shows iirc and that’s about it? Nothing about scope, if it’s episodic or not like rumors said?

After what Jez said about Avowed I just don’t want to set unrealistic expectations for these upcoming games. I made the mistake to believe a bit too much in Sponger’s rumors thinking it would at least be Skyrim in scope and even though we don’t know a thing officially, Jez seems to think it will be more like ToW scope. True or not, it’s good to just have somewhat of an indication.

That’s one thing I wish XGS did a tad bit more, just some bits of info, what are we working with, what can we expect. Radio silence from studios is not exclusive to only Xbox though, don’t get me wrong.


FPS: yes

High quality film: Never heard of this rumor

Episodic: Maybe Nick said it? Nothing from dev yet

Basically all we know about Perfect Dark comes from the dev interview. It’s an FPS with an emphasis on movement, stealth, and the game has an eco theme.

The episodic crap came from all those rumors that proved to be false (all the perfect dark but not perfect dark stuff).


We don’t know much about the game. I have no expectations.

Lol got recommended a video of a COD YouTube revisiting his old Advance Warfare account on Xbox to reminisce and now is doing an Advance Warfare series on Xbox… the move seems to already be happening and it’s a lot quicker than I thought.

It was in the reveal trailer of the game if I’m not mistaken. One of the devs compared it to high quality TV shows. Something like that. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see and now go too wild with expectations.

Xbox has always been the platform for COD (especially considering that COD is big in USA). Even now COD is in top selling lists on Xbox every year (even older games).

As someone who firmly believes we’ve never had alien visitors, due to the incredible distance they’d have to travel to even get here from another star system, even the closest ones. I totally can see their being inteligent life existing within the Milky Way, given the insane amount of stars within it

And since this game is set far off in the future and dealing with humans exploiring our Galaxy, it’s not the most far fetched idea for them to get in to


I’m here clicking between multiple threads and there’s “I don’t think Microsoft is gonna buy EA” in one and “let’s discuss the legal ramifications of Microsofts current Activision filings” and finally “I firmly don’t believe we’ve ever had alien visitors”. That really cracked me up for a moment as my brain figured out just what the context was.


I thought it was amusing reading the latest posts and seeing numerous different Xbox topics then an out of left field discussion on aliens?


Ah, I see

So what’s your take on Monkey Pox?



I think the plot of Starfield will be discovering ancient alien that what that ring thing in the gameplay video was. Intelligent Alien in Starfield is a giving at this point, what i was trying to say is that in the real world other planets are lifeless so Gamers should not expect every planet in Starfield to be full of Life and such cause that would be totally unrealistic.

I’ve made peace with fictional portrayals of aliens. I believe we are alone in the Milky Way and faster than light speed travel is impossible but I still enjoy entertainment that fictionalizes these things.

But you know they will bitch about most planets being lifeless and samey

Bethesda would do well to work some forced exposition type dialogue in, early on that explains what over 50% of the games audience won’t be aware of, or considering. How rare an earth like situation is

And yes, there are around 100 million stars in the galaxy. So based on the math, there just has to be other star systems that will have similar planet the right distance, with a moon that allows it to rotate properly and an atmosphere to keep from being roasted from the suns radiation

But for every one of those, there will be far, far more that are not



I am curious about Game Pass PC numbers. I think at one point there will be more people playing there.