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I think the ascent is way better than what the reviews said but YMMV depending on the bugs and difficulty spikes you may encounter which seem to be way too common.

Twelve Minutes is not an Xbox Game Studios’ game.


I’m strictly talking about the average review score. Not the real world quality of the game. Mileage varies with any game. I love Terminator Resistance and that game was universally panned. (I loved The Ascent as well)

Yeah, it’s technically OT here.

Thanks Captain Obvious. Still a product of Indie relations with xbox and launching into GP Day 1.


Here you go. This is the more better thread for Xbox Game Pass games. Eventually ID@Xbox thread.

Indeed, but he’s not wrong.


It aint derailing anything. Dont get why people get the need to do moderation or something over stuff like this when they arent mods and its not harming anyone.

Its not like the game being discussed is a Non XBOX game.


It’s about being consistent. And yes I agree the moderation should be left to the actual moderators, but it is what it is.

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It’s not published by Xbox nor made by an Xbox studio so…

This is a weird discussion to have tbh. You know it’s off topic, I know he’s backseat moderating.

Its a game pass game day tho Considering Season 3 GIF by Portlandia

Let me spin this Mort!

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Console (mostly timed) exclusive third-party games launching day one on Xbox Game Pass (but not every time, like Death’s Door) don’t mean they’re from Xbox Game Studios. Definitely not. There are other, more suitable, places for them.

For discussion on this thread… see the title…

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Haha :wink:


12 Minutes | Review Thread - Gaming - XboxEra

We now have a proper 12 Minutes thread to discuss… 12 Minutes :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


As the guy who only realized IRL meant in real life, just a few months ago, I’m gonna need some help with YMMV

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“your mileage might vary” - guessing

Oh well that makes se…actually that one’s stupid

Or should I say ATOS


for face-palm