ID@XBox Catalog |OT| The Never Ending Tale

Hello fellow Xbox enthusiasts!

This OT will be a sort of Archive of all those titles released into the ID@XBOX Program, so until I get up to date status there will be a lot of work in process, so keep coming to see what’s new and give your feedback to shape it into an Ultimate experience.

I’ll add content on regular basis until the list is complete then afterwards a table with upcoming releases and “changes” will be implemented.

In case you don’t know:

The ID@Xbox Program enables qualified game developers of all sizes to unleash their creativity by self-publishing digital games on Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Live, or adding Xbox Live to iOS or Android games, giving studios the tools and support needed to maximize their success.

In the following part you can check the details per groups of the ever expanding ID@XBOX Catalog (more than 3000+ titles, that I’m aware of)

Title Developer Genre Status Release Date Price Achievements DLC Notes
"ZAZEN", zen meditation game Nangok Software Health Released June 07, 2017 $9.99 No Kinect Required
#FunTime OneGuyGames Shoot 'em up Released July 16, 2020 $14.99 No Xbox One X Enhanced
#IDARB Other Ocean Interactive Action Released January30, 2015 $14.99 No
#KILLALLZOMBIES Beatshapers Shoot 'em up Released August 10, 2016 $11.99 No
#WarGames Eko Visual Novel Delisted July 31, 2018 N/A No
>observer_ Bloober Team Adventure Released August 15, 2017 $29.99 No Xbox One X Enhanced

ID@Xbox is a brilliant program that brought us so many stunning titles. Microsoft always organized ID@Xbox meetings across the globe but this year they’re obviously not happening - legit bummer there.

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That’s great for the game and the developers. I’m curious to see how that pans out for them without being in PSNow or PS+.


This is an important thread. I have spent lots of time in figuring out which games are launch exclusives and which games are day one releases from ID@xbox program. Sometimes it’s very complex, hopefully someone like you could help make it clear.


I’d been out of activity in the forum lately, I noticed people started taking notice of this thread again, So I’ll probably go and take a new chance on doing it again.

My biggest blocking point is the format used to make tables on here, so probably I’ll make an Excel file or something to cope with it.

Great thread! keep it on, might pin it in my favourites to follow closely…

Great program. Can’t wait for SCORN, they really do seem to promote the most interesting indies.

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