Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

TGA it is. Halo news won’t be something we “all will talk about”

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What do you guys think could be a welcome surprise at the TGAs from Xbox?

Like we all know most of us want The Initiatives game to be revealed there, but what’s a surprise you would like to see?

Mine would be Compulsion’s game getting revealed. When asked about his thoughts on first party studios and their WIPs, Phil said their game was the one he was the most excited for, which is crazy to hear, their game or the studio itself wasn’t mentioned anywhere and he brought it up unprompted, so I’m definitely intrigued to know what it is. And my suspicion is it might get a small teaser at the TGAs

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wait correct if i am wrong but they said their isn’t halo news at TGA

Yes. Halo news will be a post on Halo Waypoint

Probably a insider announcement or some screenshots. Nothing BIG.

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Wouldnt it be next-gen hardware PC? I dont see Sony launching “PS5 Lite”.

This is going to be very very very interesting. Looking forward to seeing that. :grinning:

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Not even a rumor worth entertaining.

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Yeah from AMD and it’s coming for both consoles tho

Don’t think Xbox will be limited to AMD version as they have DirectML as a proprietary solution, something PlayStation won’t have. We will have to see when that will actually start to happen and how good it will be.


Technology like DLSS is a game changer for the Xbox Series and Hardware non-Nvidia. The dream of “4k 60fps” or “1440p60fps” will become more consistent for Series X|S. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The latter we have with ACV now. But I’m guessing it means we can expect even more visuals bells and whistles, maybe 4K textures and such?

DLSS is basically even better than native 4K, right?

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Yes, DLSS will make the game not only play better framerates but also make it look better than it would at that native resolution.

Maybe but we are here talking about AMD they are still behind Nvidia, So hopefully it’s really great out of the gate.



Microsoft reiterates Crackdown is a pillar franchise for Xbox… when it’ll get its own studio? and who will be in charge?

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Pie in the sky? Ink dries early on Zenimax. Starfield revealed.

Realistic pleasant surprise?

A glimpse at the next game from Compulsion or a gameplay trailer for Avowed or Fable.

What I expect: At least 2 of the following

Psychonauts 2 trailer and date

Outer Worlds DLC 2

MSFS dated for Console

Initiative Trailer

Hellblade 2 trailer

Hellblade 2 gameplay

Tell Me Why Season 2 revealed

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No way, I’d just expect 1 or 2 peaks at TGA

It is by no means a pillar IP for the Xbox. I think if they want to bet on the mistake again and get CD4, Sumo Digital is there… they can make a contract with them again.

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Hmm I personally think Starfield shall only be revealed after the acquisition is done, so early to mid 2021. My reasoning being them announcing it would be weird without also announcing the platforms it’s coming on, and that cannot be done self admittedly until the deal passes through. (edit: realized that’s exactly what you meant by ink dries early lol pardon this bit, but yah probably not happening until March)

I don’t think we’re getting Avowed or fable gameplay, but I’d be the most ecstatic if either of them do show up.

Psychonauts 2 will probably be shown, but not dated. Again, bring me the surprise.

TOW dlc 2, hmm possible.

MSFS dated for console definitely believable, Q3 2021 my guess.

Initiative trailer, yes, most anticipated. Would be a bummer if we won’t see this.

Another Hellblade 2 trailer following with a gameplay snippet would be honestly all we could ask for from xbox at the show so definitely hinging on that, and these rumors about a trailer being ready to show on top of Ninja Theory teasing a Ninja Christmas is adding up to a proper reveal :joy:

Tell me why season 2 this soon?

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Xbox solution for DLSS is going to make the value of series S ridiculous. Machine learning the future of gaming.

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