XboxEra Community Survey - Xbox Game Studios

Hey everyone!

The Xbox Series X|S generation is underway, and the most exciting thing about this upcoming generation is the promise of Xbox Game Studios.

We at XboxEra are interested in hearing what the community thinks about the upcoming slate of games coming from XGS. We are proposing a few questions based around Xbox Games Studios and the Xbox first party output.

For reference, Xbox has 23 First Party Studios.

Please answer these questions carefully and follow instructions. If the answer does not carefully consider the question it will not be counted.

If there is enough response this may be turned into an article on

  1. Which ANNOUNCED Xbox First Party Game are you most looking forward to? (For example, Forza Horizon 5, Fallout 5, Gears 6, etc have not been announced yet. We are counting The Initiative’s game as it has been heavily rumored and sourced to be a game set in the Perfect Dark universe)

  2. Name your top 5 Xbox Games Studios based on who you think will make the best games this generation. Do not make this list based on past performance. Format starting at 1 and counting to 5, with 1 being your number 1 choice and 5 being your number 5 choice.

  3. On a scale of 1-5, how do you feel about the state of Xbox Games Studios right now? 1. Bad 2. Below Average. 3. Decent. 4. Good. 5. Great


1) The Initiative’s game


  1. MachineGames
  2. id Software
  3. The Coalition
  4. Obsidian Entertainment
  5. Arkane Studios

3) 4 (Good).

  1. Hellblade 2

  2. The Initiative, Playground, Obsidian, Ninja Theory, Arkane

  3. 5

  1. Halo Infinite
  2. 1 - Playground, 2 - Obsidian, 3 - id Software, 4 - The Coalition, 5 - Ninja Theory
  3. 5
  1. Avowed

    1. Obsidian.
    2. Ninja Theory.
    3. Playground.
    4. Bethesda.
    5. The Initiative.
  2. 4 - Good

    1. Starfield
    1. Bethesda Games Studio
    2. Playground Games
    3. id Software
    4. Ninja Theory
    5. The Initiative
  1. 5

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  1. Tie between Fable - Avowed

  2. Playground Games, The Coalition, Obsidian Entertainment, id Software, Ninja Theory.

  3. 5 - Great!

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  1. Fable

  2. This question makes no sense… NOT based on past performance??? So just randomly guess…

  • Bethesda
  • Playground Games
  • The Initiative
  • The Coalition
  • Rare
  1. Good. Lots of talent in house, remains to be seen if MS management style, budgets etc. Talent is half or less of the struggle.
  1. Halo Infinite
    • Ninja Theory
    • Arkane
    • Obsidian
    • 343
    • Undead Labs
  2. 5

The top five list was incredibly hard because I could argue for almost every XGS team ::

Rank the studios based on who you think will make the best games during the Xbox Series X|S generation. Don’t pick Bethesda Games Studios because you like Skyrim, pick them because you think they’re going to make great games this generation.

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  1. Avowed
  2. Playground, Bethesda, Obsidian, The initiative and Ninja Theory
  3. Great in a long run (average considering the actual production)

I thought of it as which studio is most likely to deliver a GOTY contender.

That’s fine too. It is just the 5 studios you expect to make the best games basically.

  1. Avowed

2.- 1, Obsidian, 2. inXile, 3. Playground, 4. The Coalition, 5. Arkane

  1. 5- Great
  1. Starfield

  2. In terms of likely performance, not playing faves.

1: Obsidian

2: Bethesda Game Studios

3: PlayGround

4: Ninja Theory

5: The Initiative

  1. 5 They are doing great
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  1. Halo infinite

Playground games ID software Obsidian Bethseda Ninja theory

  1. 5
  1. Halo Infinite

Main reason being it’s the only game that we’ve seen any substantial amount of gameplay from. Everything else has been CGI or a few seconds ala Avowed.

  1. PlayGround Games
  2. Ninja Theory
  3. Obsidian Entertainment
  4. InXile Entertainment
  5. Arkane Studios

Choosing the top 5 studios is tough because we simply haven’t seen any actual gameplay from any of the studios and what we have seen belongs to Sony (Deathloop/Ghostwire Tokyo) for a year or was delayed to 2021 (Halo Infinite).

  1. 4 - Good.

The talent of the studios is there. The genres are there. Going based on the past the quality is there for the majority of the studios but not all of them. What im hoing for is a few single player story driven high quality games people refer to as “bangers”. No free to play/early access/episodic/etc. garbage. Just a pure fucking game from beginning to end that when you finish it, you want more. Either in a sequel or expansions. Just have to wait and see how it all plays out. The potential is there. They just need to “hit”.


  1. InXile
  2. Arkane
  3. Playground
  4. Turn 10
  5. ID software

Good. I love the studios but I’m not sure if all will be bangers in the future. But they have several studios that will make must play games now.

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  1. Fable

  2. 1 - Playground Games, 2 - Obsidian, 3 - Bethesda, 4 - inxile and 5 - The Initiative

  3. 5 (Great)