Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

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You shouldn’t :stuck_out_tongue: I just got really into looking at things about inxiles new game and these are the things that I found people talking about, It could all be wrong! but it does fit with other things that xbox is doing. Like Avowed, which is a 3d/AAA exploration of the pillars of eternity world, its as far as we know not a direct sequel to the pillars games, but in the same world. It would make sense for Inxile to be doing a similar thing


There should already be Halo Infinite at least.

What is up with PS5 Lite rumour ? cheaper PS5 Coming in 2021


I doubt it, especially so soon, and Sony really doesn’t have the infrastructure for it anyway. Series S works so well because of Game Pass. PlayStation is all about big, AAA, €80 blockbuster games and, as a result, it isn’t appealing to the casual or budget crowd regardless of the price of the box.

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Klobrille sur Twitter : “Pretty quiet right now around everything Xbox Game Studios, studios are working hard on tons of projects, but I definitely expect there to be good things to talk about before this year is over.” / Twitter

a last xbox conference this year do you think ?

Agree completely. Definitely prefer to see my entire character that im playing as plus melee combat is always better in third person compared to first person and it’s not even close.

I agree with the isometric view offering more combat ideas compared to first person as well.

Jedi Fallen Order is a Souls-lite game in regards to combat and even then, im probably overdoing the comparison. On normal, I didn’t have much trouble but you do have to parry/dodge. I like doing a dodge followed by an attack.

It’s on EA Play via Game Pass Ultimate. You should at least give it a shot.

Torment isn’t for me but holy shit, this sounds great. Really hoping it happens.

IDK $300 PS5 is great deal imo combine this with FIFA Bundle in Europe and COD Bundle in US this thing will fly off the shelf it will probably be more powerful than Series S, in the end it’s just a rumour but if this is true then Sony is thirsty next year holiday should be Series S moment and PS5 lite will ruin this moment it will be indeed interesting move by Sony.

Fallen order is more like Sekiro than souls, in the sense neither are RPGs, neither have levels and builds, neither have stamina, but both have the same lock on system, and JFO has a meter that works exactly like Posture in Sekiro. Just that Sekiro does a lot more with it than JFO and imo is just a superior game than it on several fronts. If you had to follow a model, this would be better.

I felt JFO to be lacking on the bosses quality AND quantity, something these kinds of games fit best for (same issue with God of War 2018). But I still found the set pieces, story, gameplay and sound to be very good.

Anyway that’s a major tangent lol, so yeah it’s more Sekiro than souls. Still has the fromsoft feel tho, just not as polished. An excellent debut attempt at this type of game from respawn, honestly the only studio carrying the entirety of EA on its back.


I don’t think it’s such a great deal, even if it had a higher spec than Series S - which would, obviously, be financially quite risky for Sony.

Presumably it would come without a BD Drive, so a FIFA bundle is out of the question.

Further, again, Sony is nothing without its blockbuster games. It has long since ceded the race for value to MS, it’s all about quality and a feeling of premium experience for them, which isn’t bad but doesn’t lend itself to a budget minded SKU.

Series S is, in many ways, the culmination of everything Xbox has been building towards under Spencer. It’s objectively underpowered yet the infrastructure built around it makes that a moot point.

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The game awards show should be fun this year


If Xbox has more than one thing during TGA that would be awesome. But I’m gonna expect just one thing, and that’s fine too.


Explains the answer Phil gave in the gamespot interview. He said something along the lines of there’s definitely something happening there, maybe not necessarily under the same name but keep an eye out.

If the roles were reversed with Xbox, I guarantee you that headline would be different.

Everything Sony has done with PS5 has made it extremely tedious for a gamer while Xbox made it as easy as possible


Probably just the game awards

didn’t 343I say there will be HI related news before this year ends ?

Well keep an eye for sure!

Yes. Do you really think that’s all what he refers to? :sweat_smile:

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haha the other person asked about xbox show tho, so we have only TGA and Halo for any xbox news