Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

Exactly, not an attack on him or anything, but it is tiresome to see how many times he posted that same thing that has high potential of triggering console war shit.

Which I understand, because 2018 and 2019 were poor if we are being honest, apart from one or two bright spots, especially when looking at what other platforms were putting out. It’s just like I said, we have to wait and there is not much we can do. Microsoft has made, and is continuing to make, investments into their first party, but quality games take time to make and that’s just the reality of modern game development now.

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A fair few of these will be timed though.

I just think Jez’s comments at this point dont really add Anything that we dont know about the launch lineup. But acting like the long term outlook of the exclusives narrative is a problem is nonsense. When the games start dropping its gonna be something else like why arent they third person action adventure games or that they arent hitting 90mc.

The 3rd person action adventure genre is getting repetitive because of how much sony uses it im like ever heard of other genres when it comes to big games sony?


God yes. So bored with the genre.

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Yes, really, 3rd person action and adventure games are getting repetitive. But we cannot deny that they are popular. I still want the Xbox to bet on this area. Not exactly like PS Studios, something more “original”. Souls-Like games and platform games are also welcome. :philwins:

That didn’t stop Sony from advertising Godfall, Deathloop, Ghostwire Tokyo and Final Fantasy, though.

Exactly it won’t stop Microsoft either


Before they came out if you put Days Gone and The Last of Us side by side you really couldn’t tell which was which.

Tsushima was so boring to me It got me to beat Odyssey an A.C that I loathe.

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I hope that can do better than just chase what’s popular.


I agree with you, Jedi Fallen Order is an incredible game but I find myself looking at my phone during the cut scenes.

Third person story driven games are starting to bore me.

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Especially when you spend the first hour or so of the game on horseback having conversations with npc’s and listening to guitar solos.

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I’d prefer MS stay away from the type of games Sony makes really. I think Nintendo and thier PC background should be thier main influence.


This isn’t meant to be a serious dig at PlayStation, but I do find this aspect to a number of their games funny:

  • The Last of Us - Post-apocalypse/USA

  • Days Gone - Post-apocalypse/USA

  • Death Stranding - Post-apocalypse/USA

  • Horizon - Post-post-apocalypse/USA

All third-person, action/adventure titles with a focus on narrative. I’m glad that Xbox is investing into a diversity of genres, narratives and different kinds of gameplay.


Death Stranding such a flop that Sony has never given out any sort of sales milestone for it or any acknowledgement.

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I think immersive sims both first and third person should be a pillar. Think Deus Ex, System Shock, Thief etc.

RPGs influenced by KOTOR, Jade Empire.

2d RPGs influenced by Paper Mario, Metroid.

2D and 3d platformers that copy Mario.

This would be a great party to follow for XGS


I mean if they look at Sony, then say games like Ico, Shadow of the colossus would be a great reference.


I like the fact MS is going heavy into Western RPGs, I find myself totally immersed into those type of games.


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