Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

Yea lol

Dammit. Why did I put cyberpunk on my Xmas ideas list?!

I don’t know if anyone in the family may have bought it for me, so I have to wait until Xmas day to find out.

Should have just bought it myself!

I still want to know what that world eating ship was in the other trailer we got the other month.

Control’s visuals are already heavily inspired by Inception, seems like a good fit.

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Friendly reminder:

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From my understanding the main reason 343 couldn’t drop the Xbox one version of infinite was because of xcloud. The xcloud servers run on Xbox one hardware so if you dropped that version than you wouldn’t be able to stream infinite.

Now though that the game got delayed a year and the servers should be updated with Xbox series hardware that wouldnt be a issue.

Does anyone think that infinite’s Xbox one release will be pulled? I hope so but I doubt it because if they where going to do that they probably would have announced it in the update they just did.

Edit though I suppose they would want that update to be positive and announcing Xbox one is off the table would Cause some negative reactions to the post.

I think it might be related to that. :point_down:

Good thing will get out of here. :grinning:

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Regarding Infinite

I think Sony proved you can make good next gen games with a PS4 version and not hold anything back. Some of you are so paranoid about the xbox one version that none of you will play.


I don’t know… But I think Xbox One version will be 30 FPS at least in singleplayer. I could see a full next gen game IF and only IF Xbox Series reach a point there’s 10 millions or more consoles on the market and another big game at fall 2021 to move many consoles.

By this time, I really don’t think people will be fond of cross gen title, even if there will still be cross gen title even in 2023.

There’s a minimum spec in pc games for a reason and Xbox one og is far below minimum spec for big games these days.

Isn’t Xcloud moving to series x server blade in Q1? I think could drop xbox one version and could do risky thing and use it as a test for xcloud console streaming on xbox one consoles. I do think if going GaaS route its not wise to include xb1, but could see them dropping support in a couple of years though


read this :point_up_2:

“Stay tuned, starting with The Game Awards tomorrow, for more surprises.” :wink:


Hmm, interesting… :thinking:


This Part

“Looking further ahead, you will also hear more from teams across Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda.”

Why not say including bethesda? Like they are seperate from XGS. That just seems weird or maybe im looking to hard into that?


“30 pieces of new content coming to several of our franchises next half”

And :

“and some surprises we haven’t announced yet”

Are the best things of the article.

And please. PLEASE, one of the piece of new content NEEDS to be new content for Bleeding Edge, please !


Microsoft needs to give new additions to the millions of Game Pass suscribers that won’t do the transition yet and will stay on Xbox One in 2021 though. Otherwise some may leave.

I don’t think they will drop the Xbox One version. They need to keep the Xbox One GP suscribers engaged.

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How many times do we have to say this: Xbox doesn’t own Bethesda yet, and since the time of the announcement it’s been made clear that Bethesda will be a semi-independent subsidiary of Xbox, in that its leadership and structure will remain the same.


Huge news, spring 2021 Gamepass streaming is coming to PC through the app and browser, I thought it would be just the app but it’s good see they are supporting browsers too, way more accessible than the app. IOS too, will be interesting to see Xcloud’s expansion and growth. TGA reveals confirmed too, pretty exciting!



Klobrille explains exactly how it will be.

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