Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

I don’t expect major performance boosts on Series X|S until middle 2021 given the following steps needed (as I see them).

  1. Given the nature of end of year vacations all around
  2. Time it takes to iron out performance issues
  3. Try to address identified performance issue
  4. Test the fix(es)
  5. Release into the GDK

Then have third party studios do all of the following:

  1. update to that GDK
  2. recompile their game
  3. test their game for regressions
  4. create a game patch
  5. test the game patch
  6. finally release the game patch.

I definitely say this raises my expectations.


I agree, it is not something that can be done in just 1 month.

Yes, I have the Ultimate Edition (I also have XGP Ultimate so no worries) but if it is included in the GOTY-edition and not in the (more expensive) Ultimate edition that would be weird.

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Please don’t share any gifts for the hivebuster DLC the gears 5 trailer spoiled almost the entire game.

Created a thread for the Hivebusters DLC:

I can take down the post.

Nono that’s fine ^^

I mean direct gifts like Meowster Chief

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And this good guy thing only goes so far anyway. I mean some folks on other sites like to say “Bethesda games have always been on PS platforms.” Which isn’t even true, Morrowind on PS platforms? Nope!

But even then, I can say Obsidian’s games mostly came to PS platforms too, so did Ninja Theory’s, Compulsion, inXile. Is Avowed coming to PS5? Is Hellblade 2 coming to PS5? It’s a direct sequel. Compulsion is now making games only for the Xbox ecosystem. So just because Bethesda because they have so many studios, are so big and used to be mostly on PS platforms Xbox has to make an exception for them? Hell no. And Phil made it quite clear too, without really confirming anything that could have gotten him into legal problems.

And the media just couldn’t stfu about it and then came the CFO that made things unnecessarily vague.



Relax, buddy.

Gears 5 DLC looks amazing. To be honest, I was expecting something safe and atmospheric, but it looks like they’re going in crazy action like back in Epic days of Gears.

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Should be great!

I haven’t yet seen the game on my XSX yet, just soooo busy with AC Valhalla and other games. Before I start with that expansion I’m gonna see what the best settings for HDR are. Because I want that shit to be 100% accurate and proper.

Yeah that’s what gears was always about nonstop action. Get away with this crap ow xD

(Let me add Gears is not only action but was more like a epic war movie, with tragic events and bombastic moments and lots destruction)

Agree. Be hardcore competitive. Beat competition to the ground. Next gen maybe they can talk act nice. This gen has to be a knockout punch to bring the XBOX brand to the forefront.


Lol dafuq is going on over here.

We aren’t at war guys, we’re just playing games. Sony will have exclusives and so will Xbox.

I only game on Xbox because of Game Pass, console/ PC ecosystem, the huge investment in first party games, and because its a more powerful device. One underrated reason I also chose Xbox is the media apps, need all of them from day 1 as my entire family uses it for media consumption. Netflix, Crave, Plex, Sportsnet, NHL.



Not even caring much if PS5 players get to play the games or not on their system, it’s about MS showing that this good guy thing is over. How absolutely crazy would it be that Sony is out here making deals to make a brand new Square Enix IP TWO YEARS exclusive, and yet Xbox would go “sure Sony, you’ll have Starfield, no problem.” I mean, lol. :slight_smile:


LOL its not that serious my friend. Just fun


Oh but it IS war. Gears of War :wink:

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