Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

Everyone that frequents this thread, this relates to you. Please go read and let us know.


Talking about people calling in sick for Cyberpunk lol

Call of the Sea is getting some nice reviews I see. Its on Game Pass, so easy to give it a try. Once i finish Gears Tactics, and Jedi Fallen Order, and … and … and…

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Lol. Please don’t remind me :weary: . I seem to just keep adding games to the ‘play later’ section of Game Pass every couple of weeks now and then you tell me Cyberpunk is coming out on the 10th lol. I am literally swimming in games to play.

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I mean, competing for attention. Call of The Sea looks special and has quality, I’ll still give it a try. But I think it would be more positive if it was released at another time, January/February is always good for releases. :+1:

Wasn’t an option, part of the deal with EA for publishing Titanfall was a right-of-first-refusal on any potential acquisition of Respawn.

Nexon wanted to buy, and made an offer, and as-per the above agreement, EA was then given the opportunity to buy, which they chose to exercise so as to prevent Nexon grabbing them. Had Microsoft attempted something similar, the same outcome would have happened.

In a new PS5 promo trailer which shows many games, including Deathloop it says with small print that it won’t be available for other systems at least for 12 months after release.

At least? So that could be even longer? At least it’s not two years like Project Athia, LMAO, ridiculous.

There’s only one way to respond to this and Project Athia, MS. And that’s by making known next year that Bethesda are Xbox franchises now and if you want to play them, invest into Xbox. Negative articles? Undoubtedly, but zero fucks given.


I think it says at least so they don’t get in trouble if its not exactly1 yeah later, like maybe a year after release falls on a Sunday or something




Yay, more stuff from team Minecraft not on Xbox.


Yep, fuck Sony. It’s time for MS to pick up the glove and stop being so fucking nice all the time, it doesn’t work when your opponents are like that.


Any mention of brining it over to the X|S?

Doubt it will be longer. Same goes for Ghostwire Tokyo.

Totally agree with your other comment btw, you just don’t spend that money to put it on your competitors systems as well.

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another exclusive to add to the GP backlog


Already have call of the sea downloaded last week, and now I can just start playing without needing to buy the game.

This is the future of gaming.

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I played to win back then too but vast majority of the time was with friends and people I knew so it was just for fun with the best being tackle football (NFL) in the snow during the winter. That shit was awesome!!! If it wasn’t with friends or my friends were on my team against people I don’t even know like on a basketball court in a park or in a gym when I was in Junior High and High School, it was still for fun and enjoyment. Didn’t win all the time and I can say I was solid but my friend was a pure shooter, would barely jump and still hit long range shots on the court. All of it was a blast. Now, im just completely out of all that. Plus, I work. Back then, I was younger and didn’t. If im not working, im just relaxing and playing games for the most part.

You seem to have played in more of a professional setup where as I was never part of that kind of stuff. Wasn’t my thing. But I understand it completely.

I’m an Xbox/PlayStation gamer. I’m not going to hate either side regardless of what they do (good or bad) but I would like to see Microsoft/Spencer be more aggressive and more competitive to where they want to win if they don’t. I understand the business and money aspects but when you’re in an industry or field, regardless of what it is, if you’re not striving to be the best, then why are you here?

With that said, I don’t want Microsoft/Spencer doing that timed exclusive bullshit, however I have no issues if they go after something like Black Myth Wukong and pay for their trilogy to be completely exclusive to Xbox and PC. In fact, I believe that they should.

I want to see Microsoft/Spencer be aggressive in that way as well as trying to get AAA games into Game Pass day one even if it’s a multi-platform release everywhere as well as put that extra money into all the current studios or into acquiring more. So instead of timed exclusivity, do these other things instead.

I wouldn’t even have done any timed exclusivity deals for The Medium, The Ascent or whatever else they have. Game Pass day one definitely, timed console exclusive, definitely not. The only game that I would go all out for in regards to being a timed console exclusive and it would be a full year minimum would be Grand Theft Auto VI because that’s literally the only game that I can see being a game changer.

The rest not so much if at all.

For example, my friend is a PlayStation guy since 1995. He’ll play Xbox for a few games but other than that, he doesn’t care about the platform or brand because outside of the original Gears trilogy, they haven’t given him much. In fact, it’s less than what I have gotten since Xbox 360 and that’s saying something.

He’s glad and happy about the timed exclusivity because it makes the brand and console that HE cares about the most more valuable and popular which let’s be honest, those who only own an Xbox will be the ones that get pissed off. Those who have PlayStation or both won’t because they can play them either way.

I have known him for over 25 years and I can’t argue with him because I understand it. It’s like when you get the Series X and open up the box. It looks and feels like a premium product and because of that, it makes you feel special in that your money and time has been well spent for yourself. That’s pretty much how he sees it but he doesn’t care about packaging, gimmicks, Game Pass or majority of the games that Xbox does. He cares about what HE likes and prefers and in this regard, Sony hasn’t lost or even been close to losing for HIM in the entire 25 year span. And trust me, I have heard/debated it for probably the last 15 years. LMAO.

Me personally, I have no problem switching brands when a new generation starts. I was NES/SNES to PS/PS2 to Xbox 360 to PS4 to Xbox Series X as my primary gaming console. But at the same time, I will always own the other brand’s console as well for the exclusives that are on it because well, I want to play them.

I just want to see Xbox do amazing, be fucking aggressive for their user install base and fans. And to be perfectly honest and this circles back to me being a 49ers fan. They were in the Super Bowl this past February and they lost to the Chiefs but I wasn’t mad or even annoyed. Chiefs were the better team with the far superior QB. The main aspect was their head coach who’s been coaching for over 30 years overall and I wanted to see him win a Super Bowl even at the expense of my beloved 49ers losing because I believe that he deserved to win at least once because he earned it.

That’s how I would to see Xbox. Just “win” one generation instead of being last again. It’s not for console wars or bragging or this or that. It’s because I believe they’ve done enough to where they’ve earned a win and to be even more honest, I would love to see the meltdowns overall and I could do that “evil laugh” thing with my friend. LMAO.

Sorry for the long post.

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I started it last night and it’s fantastic so far; great change of pace compared to what I’ve been playing lately. The art style is fantastic and the sense of mystery is more charming than foreboding :slight_smile:

Lets see how this fairs


Is this the first game to run GDK?

“Please take your bets”

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