Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

Apparently, this is the Xbox One version with uncapped fram-rates :smiley:

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good for UK folks

When I first saw it that is what I thought too, “Death to the Demoness Allegra Geller!”

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Now Apple will allow Xcloud on ios.

Guys (and gals), don’t forget to give your Top 10 games of the generation:

Our dear friend @OneBadMutha will collect the votes and make a nice article about it near launch, to close out the previous generation.


What the hell Apple? MS plays ball with Apple while Apple acts like a little child to xClould.

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I had no idea there was gonna be an interview.

It seems brand new. It’s Develop: Brighton Digital 2020.


Is there a star wars related news or event or anything fandom related on nov 19th? Cuz I personally think that shall be the day Jedi Fallen Order shall drop into EA Play by the looks of it.

Also why is Nov 8 “OMG” lol might that be a surprise?

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I think the OMG is OMG it’s close.

Nothing on the 19th from what I recall

the whole calendar seems to be filled with EA game references like Battlefield, Star Wars, Sims, NFL, FIFA, Skate, so on. Hopefully it’s not just some random shit and it means something. I mean, JFO in Game Pass would be pretty cool even though I’ve finished it already.

Also hilarious, Anthem shall be part of Game Pass lol, and when Anthem 2.0 eventually arrives and they’ve hopefully massively revamped it, it shall be a good thing to not have to pay for it to check it out. Game Pass shall also be a good testing ground for Bioware, getting say 5-10 million of those people to try the game out without needing them to separately pay for the game anymore.

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Looks like just an EA Play marketing thing.

Halo Wars 2 will get a Series X/S patch :

Anyone that ordered through Amazon get an estimated delivery date yet? (US) Mine still says they will email me one when available. I thought maybe they would start rolling out since we are pretty much a week away.

Details from Reddit on Starfield (

Interview Link: (1 hour 5 min)

  • Starfield is a singleplayer, no multiplayer aspects.
  • Procedural generation confirmed for Starfield and TES:VI
    • This is a tool for developers to create massive landmass, so expect Starfield (planets?) to be much larger than Fallout 76’s map, which is already four times bigger than Skyrim.
  • Huge major overhaul to the Creation Engine - larger than the jump from Morrowind to Oblivion (" when people see the results, hopefully they’d be as happy as we are.")
    • Rendering
    • Animation
    • Artificial Intelligence & Pathing
    • Procedural Generation
    • And more areas.
  • “It’s going to be a while” until we see Starfield, the release can be subject to delays etc. so he really doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it yet.
    • He doesn’t want to reveal Starfield earlier and just release teasers until the eventual release like Cyberpunk.
  • NPCs will play a large role in future games, cities will be expansive and large compared to past games, etc.
  • Will be on Game Pass from Day 1 alongside ES:VI.

mine says will arrive by 8 pm on the 10th

I see Starfield releasing Early 2022 at the earliest.

Hmm, yeah, I’m starting to think Starfield will be a 2022 release rather than a 2021 release. But then again, E3 2021 is probably considered a while away.

Given MS will not be doing IRL events until 1st of July at Earliest, I see another July Fanfest and Future of Games depending on if there is a vaccine. That’s a good 8+ months. I see Holiday 2021 if possible, if not, June 2022.

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Procedural generation combined with better AI should bring some good results for RPGs.

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