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Wait, no Blade Runner?

Wrapped up Guardians of the Galaxy. Good, fun game though it did overstay its welcome a bit. Good ending bit, too, I found. Hopefully now that Embracer Group is in charge, this team can continue to build up their strengths and put out more games.

About an hour into Omori now. It’s intriguing, for sure. Excited about Shadowrun as well, makes for a pretty good second batch for me!

I agree with your general sentiment, but I think this might be one of those situations where the games may genuinely not have been able to get off the ground without their involvement? Could be wrong, and I can definitely take a relaxed view on it because I’m not interested in these games :sweat_smile:

This is much more interesting to me now that I know some games will retain their cloud versions even if they leave Game Pass.

@Searsy82 Hollow Knight finally clicked and I’m really enjoying it, so there’s hope for you yet! I bounced off it very hard because it turns out that I somehow made my way into an awful unpleasant area instead of making my way to the second boss and gaining a mobility upgrade. I’m like a third of the way through the game now I’d guess, and I still haven’t really explored that area. The game opens up a lot at points, and I feel much better-equipped than I did that first time around.


Yeah it’s real stupid that Shadowrun games are not available for PC. I was planning on playing them on my Surface while being stuck in hospital for a bit.

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They are on PC, just not coming on PC Game Pass. I guess they’d be very cheap by now. But yeah it’s stupid considering they’re more PC games in the first place


Sorry I misread your post, I thought you meant it’s not on PC at all not just Game Pass.

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No worries man. I actually own them on steam but just enjoy getting some achievements whilst I play… Like a big dummy :joy:

They are on cloud though, so you can?

PSA: The games are standalone stories. If you don’t like Returns you can comfortably skip it and start with Dragonfall just fine.


Decent month overall. Shadowrun trilogy is very nice, I have them in the backlog on Steam but never got around to finish them and I do my best to stay away from PC gaming nowadays if I can help it.

Those three games and Chorus is my haul this month.

Nah, they have Internet but just isn’t good enough to stream unfortunately.

Ah, well that sucks.

I’m still waiting for Ubisoft+ to come to Xbox. It was announced 5 months ago. Ugh.

Signed up for GPU since it’s $1 for three months just so I could play TMNT. Haven’t played a TMNT game since SNES. Still wishing for a Rocksteady TMNT game in the style of Batman Arkham.

I wish I could enjoy Shadowrun, the style I like, the atmosphere, the story, dialogues etc, but the combat is just so much not my jam. Ah well, can’t have it all.

But if XGS ever wants to take a swing at this for a first and/or third person game with real-time combat. Bring it.

That’s the dream. A Shadowrun AAA RPG, even Phil agrees.

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He did? Oh snap. When was this? Did he like a tweet or really comment on it?


Does MS own the IP?

According to Wikipedia, Microsoft has the rights for digital works.

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I’m sure it’s more complicated than that and it’s a messy/unclear thing, but essentially yeah, Microsoft were one of the parties that had to give the greenlight for Shadowrun trilogy to be made back in 2012 I think. They used to have demands like no release on console (presumably to not be multiplatform) and has to be online, now we know that’s not the case (anymore).

On paper, it shouldn’t really be complicated for MS to make their own exclusive Shadowrun game, but it’s not as direct/easy as the IPs they full own for example.

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That would be nice. I’m definitely gonna wait with buying it then, there’s certainly a chance of it happening. Around that time it’ll be a year since it came out. I’m sure MS would love to have that on the service, if it’s still not there though then, that would be kinda surprising. Maybe time to just buy it then too.

I’m only in the middle of the opening mission, but they have done a nice job IMO with the console versions of Shadowrun. It wouldn’t seem like it, but it’s an easier play for me on the controller and I like how it looks in 4K on the TV considering how old the game is.

Despite loving Dragonfall and Hong Kong, I actually never finished either game, so I will be able to do so now on the console versions.