Xbox Game Pass |OT| Our Backlogs Are Doomed

Prodeus is really great. A console version is scheduled to release later this year, hope it ends on Xbox Game Pass for console as well.

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There are four new games available on Xbox Game Pass, all of them for console, PC and cloud.

And, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you can access the Perks tab on the Xbox app for PC/mobile/console and redeem a 25 digit code for an early access version of Space Jam: A New Legacy.


I can’t recommend Limbo enough great game!

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Me too, but I’ll add a content warning for arachnophobes! Bug Fables is also a great Paper Mario-esque game (again, arachnophobes beware)

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I wonder when we will have another set of bangers.

It’s weird… I hate spiders, I scream like a PS-fan seeing a Game Pass ad when I see one. In games though? No problems.

I like looking at what the top games (I assume it’s played) on Gamepass is. It’s usually pretty predictable as to what’s on the list. The three MS games that are doing really well, Minecraft, GTA the sports games. Normally if there is a big new release it’s made the list. D&D was on there. But why is Alice the madness returns always on the list? Is it a bug or is there something I don’t know about that game lol.

Looks like just a few games leaving in a couple of weeks:

CrossCode (Console/PC)
Downwell (PC)
Endless Space 2: Deluxe Edition (PC)

CrossCode is amazing. One of the few games I bought via Game Pass. A new DLC is on the way as well and should release this summer.

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Yeah, this ain’t really all that special compared to what we’ve had. However, later this month that will change with The Ascent, Flight Simulator. August has Psychonauts 2.

According to HowLongToBeat it has over 74 hours of content so probably best I buy this and take my time to enjoy it. Think I would have to say goodbye to the sunshine for two weeks if I wanted to start and finish this before it leaves! :sweat_smile:

Might try Downwell on PC if there are achievements. Strange that this game never came to Xbox considering it is available everywhere else. :thinking:

Ah damn. I’ll have to buy it. I never finished it. Beat the first two dungeons I believe but stepped away for a little while. Anyone know if a game leaves Gamepass and is available on cloud, if you buy that game can you still play on cloud ?

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If you want to take your time you will spend between 60-80h with it. If it’s just for achievements you can skip almost all side content and just clicking through the dialogue which should take around 35-45h according to trueachievements.

The developer never bothered to make achievements for the Windows store version. Read something on Trueachievements that they will make achievements if the community help them or something like that. Kinda weird because the steam version has achievements.

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I think for now it’s only for games being part of Game Pass.

Ah, I enjoyed this a fair bit up until you were forced into a duel with an annoying guy pretty early on. I shelved it and never went back to it. 16 bucks isn’t too bad, and I’d like to support this kind of game. This is one of the ways that Game Pass still leads to sales by the way :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a bummer. I looked and saw the messenger was gone from cloud so you are right. I get that they probably don’t want the optics of play all these games with your subscription but when you click on a specific one it says oh you have to buy this. But it seems like a waste to disable games that are already cloud enabled. Maybe they can add some kind of category that clearly states you need to buy this game to play in the cloud.

Besides Cris Tales, Microsoft Flight Simulator and The Ascent, it seems that Tropico 6 (July 8) and Farming Simulator 19 (July 15) are also coming to Game Pass this month.

image image


Coming in July to Xbox Game Pass:

Microsoft Flight Simulator (July 27):

The Ascent (July 29):

It’s gonna be a stacked week with the 2 biggest releases of the month coming 2 days from each other :sweat_smile:

For me, MFS will be a game to hop on and off in between other games, while The Ascent will be my looter/co-op fix for July/August. Incredibly excited for both!




We feast.

Ascent :heart_eyes:

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