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How’s The Medium? I never played it when it released and im looking for something short but sweet.

It was fine. Some interesting stuff, but pretty short and not super remarkable. Don’t go in expecting a complete story, by the way. I’m not sure if they were going for a sequel hook or they thought it made for a better story but there’s essentially no conclusion to the plot.

It almost feels like an audition, “this is what we can do, now hire us and give us some budget”

Yeah, I’d love to see what they could pull off with more resources and time. The only other game of theirs I’ve played was Layers of Fear, and I think they have potential. I’d like to see more of this kind of game, despite being a giant coward.

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Thinking of trying Yakuza, you guys recommend starting from Yakuza 0 onwards?

Yes. The order is 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2, 3 4 and 5 Remastered, 6, Like a Dragon. Pop into the Yakuza OT if you want specific advice, and have fun!


Yeah. Start with 0 and just play in numerical order.


Considering it’s the best in the series in my opinion, you should absolutely start with Yakuza Zero.

As everyone already said, starting with 0 is the way to go.

BUT, if the brawler gameplay from the Kiryu series drives you off and you would rather play a turn-based JRPG, it’s totally ok to start with Like a Dragon! There are many nods to the other games, but it’s pretty much a self-sustained story.


No problems with the brawler combat, I’m having a blast with this game and can’t seriously drop it. I know I’m really enjoying a game when my friend asks me to play some co-op and my first instinct is like “Ah, really? Okay then…” :smiley:



Damn… I got this deal again

This is the third time I am able to get this deal for $1

This is Crazy! Almost as crazy as having access to hundreds of games and day 1 releases for only $9.99/month and if you’re new you can even get 3 months right now for only $1! :rofl::green_heart::no_good_man:t3::video_game:

And you can get 3 months again and again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is for first time users or users whose gamepass has lapsed, right?

Me too!!! Did this a few weeks ago and im good through August. Just waiting on The Ascent.

Not really sure.

I have subscribed to ultimate 3 times like this.

First joined as new comer.

Then I shifted to game PC. After some time I got this deal again for the second time.

Now I am continuing subscribing to it Gamepass PC for atleast 4 months straight.

I tried this link which was shared on tweeter and it worked again.

Now my Gamepass ultimate will be charged on 30 sept.

So I got 3 months again for $1

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It worked for me too !

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This game rules.


Prodeus is really great. A console version is scheduled to release later this year, hope it ends on Xbox Game Pass for console as well.

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There are four new games available on Xbox Game Pass, all of them for console, PC and cloud.

And, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you can access the Perks tab on the Xbox app for PC/mobile/console and redeem a 25 digit code for an early access version of Space Jam: A New Legacy.


I can’t recommend Limbo enough great game!

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Me too, but I’ll add a content warning for arachnophobes! Bug Fables is also a great Paper Mario-esque game (again, arachnophobes beware)

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