Xbox Game Pass |OT| Our Backlogs Are Doomed

Damn that’s great !

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I thought they may do this for the instant boost for the online community. Now most everyone can give it a chance.

I first learned about it at the indie event and I’ve been pretty excited for it sense. Looks like a pikmin game with a cool art style.

1st batch 1st Tuesday of the month (4th of May) and the second batch will probably be 18th of May).

Just created the OT for Second Extinction, releasing on Game Pass in two days :slight_smile:

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Why May 4th?

First tuesday in the month, that’s how they usually roll.


Since it likely will be on May 4, any chances some of it will be Star Wars related? :blush:


That would mean Heroes II, I guess?

If so, that’s incredible how they are willing to go back to as far as 2017 to bring ove the catalogue.


I have no idea what these games are, haha.


Dragon Quest Heroes is a musou spin-off. Plays like Dynasty Warriors, but with Dragon Quest characters. Similar to what Nintendo has done with Hyrule Warriors.

Sorry, all greek to me :wink:


Definitely thinking Dragon Quest Heroes 2. I’ll happily take that.

and Persona 5 Strikers is same right?

im thinking DQ11S did really well on Gamepass, so it might indeed be the next Yakuza on gamepass in the sense the franchise was nonexistent on the platform before but now within two years, all the titles have been getting ported and finding a good audience on the service.

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Omega Force monopolizes the Musou genre :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that I thought about it, I would KILL for a Digimon Story Cybersleuth port.


DQ11S, Octopath and Builders 2 are on Switch. A Bravely game is probably releasing on Game Pass as well. My guess would be that most of the Square Enix JRPGs coming to Xbox are Switch ports.

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Seems like these are games that could play really well over streaming (perhaps with touch controls too).