Xbox First Party games going to 70$

Well not surprised


If only there was a service which included all of them on release.


I mean gamers have largely continued buying the games, so no business is going to leave money on the table.


You can’t have Starfield, Redfall and Forza costing $60 and CoD, Diablo costing $70. The same company can’t charge different prices for different games they publish…


I’ve got to give Microsoft props for not moving to the $70 pricing tier for over two years since other industry participants have increased prices.

I do not see any mention on price increases for Xbox Game Pass. So the value there increases.


Was inevitable

Irrelevant to me though, been GP only for years and will continue to be going forward


I really do not get the ‘gotchas’ whenever people bring up that Game Pass prices will increase. And? It is an insane deal and will obviously not be the price forever.

Also, you do not have to subscribe for a year. You can always subscribe for the time you want to play the game and then unsubscribe. At least you have the option with Xbox,


Microsoft must be confident in their next gen titles to announce this early

Just checked. Games like The Callisto Protocol already are 70 euros here in The Netherlands in the digital store. It’s gonna go to 80 probably then for us, which is insane.

Good thing we got sites like Eneba and such, although I’m sure they will increase prices too.

When you think about that, Game Pass is the ultimate deal, fact. And I’m sure that will increase in price too but if you consider all the big games coming to it, still super deal.


Gamepass is going to go up obviously, to what though, $5 a month?

So $15 for console / PC and $20 for ultimate or $180 - $240 a year at full RRP

Next year alone we are getting off the top of my head at minimum:

Motorsport, Starfield, Redfall, Ghostwire Tokyo, Wo long, Monsterhunter Rise, Ara

aside from Ara and MH the other 5 will / should be $70 at $350 for full price.

Don’t see the issue.

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Yeah. i haven’t done the exact math but so far my GP sub has paid for itself in around February each year… The other 10 months are free games.

It would have to be one hell of a price increase to not be worth it.


I’m good with ultimate gamepass until Aug 2025


What about PC gamers who don’t seem to like $70?!

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There is pc game pass for 10 dollars a month :slight_smile:


But I think the games are 70$ on PC too no? Or still 60?

They like to own their stuff on Steam specifically


I believe a lot of the cross-game games that are $70 on new gen are still $60 on PC along last gen.

Any mention of a price increase for PC? Or is this consoles only again?

This is true. Marvel Midnight Suns, Callisto Protocol, Gotham Knights, and some others have all launched at $60 on PC.

PC gamers are much more used to sale discounts than console, $70 basically ensures very low PC sales.

CoD is $70 on Steam though. But that has brand power like no other


Called it.