Xbox Developer_Direct Showcase coming January 25th. Redfall, Forza Motorsport, ESO, and Minecraft Legends. Starfield show in the works

Maybe but if Forza was first half, they would have said it instead of Coming 2023. To me, this says delay but a short delay. No reason for them to rush out games and have a potential long gap. The first half for Microsoft in my opinion is set. Now, just need to setup the second half and the entire year is good to go.

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Yes, it does look weird saying coming soon. I’m fine if it the other way around though, Starfield in June while Forza in September and Hellblade 2 in November why not? lol

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This actually made me want to try ESO, never really paid any attention to it but it actually looks pretty good. Might see if it can scratch the itch.

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Unless you’re willing to put 200-500 hours into it? you won’t even begin to scratch the surface. It a massive MMO.

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I’m kind of tempted too, mostly cause I’m curious if an MMO would make for a good game to play on an exercise bike. I’ve been trying to stick to a stricter routine and I need games to stop me getting bored :sweat_smile: I’m not huge on Elder Scrolls lore specifically (I’m more into the Bethesda open worlds) but also I’m too cheap to get back into FFXIV and I’d have to remember how to play so…Elder Scrolls is definitely a maybe!

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I’ll dip my toe in and see if I like it. I’m not a completionist so I don’t mind playing old campaigns or anything.

Mainly interested in seeing if it’s enjoyable solo

It very Easy solo. Many many quest line all voice acted to.

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Try ESO it’s in gamepass and right now every DLC is free.

Just jump on and start a dlc that interests you such as Skyrim or Morrowind expansion


Wait, every DLC? Even Dark Brotherhood and Imperial?

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They said for a limited time, don’t know what that means.

Oh, well what’s the point of getting into the DLC’s if I have to stop?

Maybe because they literally announced it as a game coming in the first half of this year…

I enjoyed the show and thought the format is great for the smaller shows where they highlight certain titles. Forza looks gorgeous and they really sold me on Redfall. The shadow drop of hifi rush was a great idea and it looks like an interesting title that I’ll definitely give a shot.

My only negatives were no date for forza and there didn’t seem to be a crosshair for the guns when hip firing in Redfall but the look down scope shooting seemed to be fine. The only real change I would make to future shows is to adjust the format so it’s a bit more like the Redfall part instead of the Minecraft section which had a bit too much with the Devs on screen instead of talking in the background

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Must agree with the majority here. Watched it ‘live’ and it was entertaining to watch. As mentioned before, we only missed the release date for FM, but other than that it checked all the boxes.

The shadow drop of Hi-Fi Rush and the response its receiving currently is hopefully motivation for similar events in the future.

And Redfall is shaping up to be a big title, really looking forward to seeing that Arkane goodness in full effect.


I’m actually pretty disappointed with what was shown of Forza. Almost no gameplay, and what we did see was nearly all chase came footage. No information about single player career progression or online modes. And to top it off, no release date, which tells me it’s delayed out of H1. I wanted a good showing from Forza, and I didn’t get it.

At least HiFi Rush looks great.

Forza is doing it’s own livestream on the game I think either today or in the next couple days. I’d guess this will be the same as Forza Horizon where they did monthly streams deep diving on certain parts of the game. Either way, I imagine you’ll get to see plenty of it soon.


It’s today at 9 am PST.


The Forza Motorsport coverage is likely going to be covered like how FH5 was with multiple videos about it. The first one is today but has time split with FH5 coverage.

Join us for the January 2023 edition of Forza Monthly! We’ll get the latest news of Forza Motorsport from Creative Director Chris Esaki, preview the new Japanese Automotive content update for Forza Horizon 5, find out what new events community group 1HOR is cooking up for 2023, rundown the latest Forza community events, and more!


Would be a cool surprise if they would give a release date today. But I doubt it