Xbox at Tokyo Game Show 2022 | September 15

Xbox will be doing a live stream from the Tokyo Game Show on September 15, 2022, at 6pm local time. It will be streamed from the regional Xbox youtube channels, and BilliBilli.


It’s worth noting that even if the Xbox showcase specifically doesn’t bring any new announcements for Xbox, it’s worth keeping an eye on other showcases.

Like I’ll never forget that Happinet showcase where they announced Gal Gun Returns for Xbox. Regardless of how that game’s future on Xbox ended up going (cancelled), it still shows Xbox can show up on other showcases in extremely unexpected ways.

I’m hoping the new Gust game that’s at the Koei showcase gets announced for Xbox now that Phil has recently called Koei a “partner”

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That and last year gamepass got like 5 Japanese centric titles announced

So who knows what is in store :slight_smile:

Xbox Japan Twitter decked out in TGS design



Not really expecting brand new stuff, but some Game Pass additions would be great. Something like Lost Judgment and Tales of Arise perhaps. And/or Gungrave GORE.

Wonder if judgement/ lost judgement will ever hit gamepass With sega looking to move on due to the fight with the actors talent agency, And no pc version :frowning:

They can come to GP, Judgment’s been on PSNow before, but they can’t come to PC GP, which I think hurts MS’s interest in adding them.

Which is stupid. Console Gamepass is also important. A lot of PC games aren’t on consoles either.

They should go for Arise though. Maybe even a day 1 for Diofeld? Who knows

They need to have a good showing IMO. Keep up the pressure with the Price increase for PS5. Xbox selling damn well in Japan comparatively.


They didn’t correct the Gungrave GORE day 1 GP thing that some big Xbox reporters posted about, so I think maybe that can be expected. It would be very cool to see a Day 1 GP game get announcement treatment at TGS. Anything to make the TGS showcases not feel like afterthoughts.

The Gungrave game is a good bet for Game Pass since it was listed in those emails and no one has come out disputing it. Pretty sure Sony has the marketing for DioField so I wouldn’t expect that. I can see older games like Tales of Arise being added though.

Maybe star ocean but thats too close to prR.

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Yeah, about that, I hope Sega will still make new titles in the Judgment franchise and if not, hopefully another spin off with the real time combat.

@Shpeshal_Nick Secret of Mana and Legend of Mana?


Oh didn’t know they were on psnow

Yeah, if that’s the case it’s just stupid to be honest. Exactly for the reasons you said. But we don’t know for sure that’s the reason, right?


I don’t think it will come to Xbox, but just in case, the Gust game that will be announced at TGS is teased to be Atelier. As I said earlier in the thread, first Gust game since Phil called Koei a partner…

Nick said Microsoft is internally excited about TGS. My guess is that we see something about Tango’s first Xbox exclusive.


Platinum acquisition announcement…jk. Hopefully some more gamepass announcements.

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It kinda makes sense considering that last year (in the stream where Shinji was with Phil) Shinji spilled the beans about Johanas next project. Of course we don’t know if the next 12 months policy is still in place so yeah…I don’t get my hopes up but I guess it’s still a possibility. Really curious to see what this game will be like though.

That would be awesome but with the ABK deal still not closed is there even a possibility for another acquisition (even if it’s smaller) before the deal goes through? :thinking:

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Has Xbox confirmed that the stream will be translated? The last two years there was no translation.

I’ll watch it because it’s scheduled for my dinner time.