Xbox at Tokyo Game Show 2022 | September 15

Nothing confirmed, but stream will on Xbox Australia and New Zealand YouTube Channel. Would be weird if subtitles are missing.

Its a pre done video so no idea why it wouldnt. Lazy if wouldnt. All western streams are subtitled for japan or have japanese commentary over it.

I hope MS knowing about Xbox showing up at other showcases is also a reason they would be internally excited.

The example I keep thinking of is the Gust (Atelier) game announcement from Koei’s show, because if their next game is not on Xbox at this point, then I doubt that is ever happening.

Lets gooooooooooooooooo

If they stick to the 12 months thing I hope it’s solely for E3 and so that other shows like GC, TGS can have reveals of games way further out.

It’s exciting that the new project isn’t horror, the exact opposite but at the same time I can’t hype myself up too much. It could be a game that just isn’t my jam at all.

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I think we’re going to see some XGS 3rd party exclusives. Or at least I hope so.

I’ve read on another forum from an insider that MS will have to stay put until the deal goes through. MS already have another acquisition planned right after, however.

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By internally, did Nick mean that Xbox is excited for what its first-party will show, or is it more general ? ( game pass stuff, new parnterships… ).


Probably too early, but hoping we hear more about JSR and Crazy Taxi. Given they’re part of Sega’s “Super Game Initiative” and may utilise the partnership they made with Microsoft, they could be prime candidates for day one Game Pass releases.

Possibly another reason for Sony trying to slow things down with ABK. I hope this acquisition doesn’t represent too many missed opportunities…

Sure hope so! Don’t have any experience with the Atelier games, but this would certainly grab my interest.

I think announcing a new XGS game at TGS would be a good move to ride on the Xbox momentum in Japan.

But maybe the game by John Johannas is not the right title for it. For what I remember it was an “anti-horror” game and was not a big budget game. But I’m really curious to see what make Microsoft excited about the show, big Game Pass surprises I guess, like Ys coming to Xbox :star_struck:

Or Tabata coming to the stage and say “Hey, me and my team at JP. Games are making a brand new J-RPG exclusively on Xbox” like they did with Kojima

Shinji said that the new game will be the opposite of horror but the smaller scale/budget talk was about allowing young people in the team to create smaller projects as a way of training.

I’d love to see the Ys games on Xbox btw!


What’s the opposite of horror in a gamimg sense, comedy?, slice of life?.

A game announcement at all would be big. In the 360 days when they were really all in on Japan they did game announcements at TGS. Halo 3 ODST (announced as Halo 3 Recon) was announced at one of their TGS shows.

I’m not really sure how excited to get… On one hand, Xbox isn’t physically attending the event, only still just doing the digital showcase. TGS opened back up this year and I wanted to see coverage of Xbox on the show floor. There’s other Western companies physically attending (IIRC THQ Nordic is on that list) so seeing Xbox not actually attending hurts my hype a bit… I really hope, next year they start attending the event physically again.

On the other hand, we have this “MS is internally excited for TGS” thing and the Xbox Wire post telling us to look forward to TGS for Game Pass announcements.

I figure pretty much anything is far enough from horror for the sentence to make sense

Seeing how the Resident Evil era of RE4, RE5 & RE6 is disliked by a lot of the old school fans because of the more action oriented approach I’d say anything with bombastic, balls to the wall action (something like Bayo or Vanquish) would probably qualify as an opposite…also a colorful platformer would also count I guess but I don’t see Tango going that way. To be honest both of those are more like wishful thinking from me since I am a big fan of character action & platformer games…who knows maybe Tango is working on a multiplater/battle royale game instead. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yep, it seems his game will probably on the same budget or higher than TEW 2.

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Has xbox said anything about the stream this year?

iirc they kinda did their “temper expectations” thing last year and said something along the lines of expect updates on announced games or something like that

“We invite fans to tune in to the Tokyo Game Show 2022 Xbox Stream where you can expect to see updates on existing titles from Xbox Game Studios and titles launching from developer partners that we hope will delight players here in Japan, across Asia and around the world.”



So basically the same thing as last year, hopefully some good GP additions at least