Xbox and Nintendo partnership news coming fall 2021

Source is our very own @Shpeshal_Nick

Personally, I do not think this will be xCloud on Switch, but I am prepared to be wrong.


Don’t trust this fraud


Nintendo games on Gamepass.

There’s your family friendly titles.

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Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming on the Switch. :wink:

dont expect anything from Nintendo on Xbox and PC.

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I don’t see Nintendo allowing xCloud and Game Pass on Switch with all the loss of control. And tight control over their ecosystem is a thing Nintendo likes very much.

What i would expect (and i think i already expressed that earlier for Microsoft and Stadia) is a white box licensing of xCloud technology. So the random streaming stuff on Switch for something like Control or Assassins Creed but from Nintendo with their control and tech from Microsoft, mostly invisible to the user. That could work.

Oh yeah, and if Microsoft and Nintendo together can’t get the completed Goldeneye XBLA finally out of the door that would be a major disappointment.



Nintendo signs a contract with Microsoft Azure to create its infrastructure for cloud games, AI etc. or migrate the Switch Online network to Microsoft Azure.


Very interested to hear what this is. I know MS ain’t stupid but I hope it’s not a one way thing.

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I heard he got banned for being a fake insider, what a loser :stuck_out_tongue:


This would be fantastic


I really love that idea, they already have Azure for PS Now, why not Nintendo ?

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Yeah that was one thing i was thinking. Do we know if Nintendo has a standard for streaming or if third parties just pick their own random technology?

Could see Nintendo choosing Azure to standardize game streaming to Switch.


Man. Phil wasn’t kidding about growing their studios in japan

I think it would be a perfect match.

Nintendo is to XBOX as Thomas the engine is to serious railway modeling. They may look different. But they share the same spirit. Maybe in theory they aim to different generations, but even that is arguable.

Did I miss something ?

I’d like to see Nintendo give something to Xbox as well. Gamepass on Switch is awesome but how cool would Bayonetta 2 or something to that extent be on gamepass.


do you think this partnership has to do with games or not? :chief_think:

Nintendo games coming to gamepass/Xbox.

Highly likely in my opinion.

But I still want a Banjo game from this partnership lol.

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“Naw we don’t need that! Just put gamepass and streaming on Switch and we will see a game 8 years from now from that revenue to please us xbox fans in this exchange!”


I think the Goldeneye 007 thing should happen. A Rare approved Nintendo/ Xbox release. Obviously developer IO Interactive would need to sign off as the rights holder, but their game is years out still so a remake remastered Goldeneye should be an easy approval to relaunch the brand since its been dead for so long.

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