Xbox Acquisition |OT6| If this is about competition, let us have competition

If the deal fails it’s likely to take just as long if not longer if Microsoft want to push this into court. The fastest way this gets resolved is by the existing timeline to close by June.


Yeah, I never understood those who advocate for this deal to fail. It will literally take more time on litigation and I will turn the whole previous year into a waste of time


Tbh, I don’t really think MS will rush into another major acquisition of this one fails. They’ll probably take some time, reevaluate their strategy, and decide that studios are a safer investment.

Wishing it fails is pretty short sighted and doesn’t help any of us, whether you care about this deal or not.


I think this arguments are dumb, because if this deal falls through then that’s a clear line in the sand on any notion of MS acquiring publishers.

small devs here and there? sure, but I think if the deal fails Microsoft ain’t acquiring a single pub, and even fi the deal goes through, they want to maintain a low profile for some time. any future acquisitions big or small, is gonna have to go through the same regulators, who are ripping this current one a new asshole.

it’s a nonsensical argument that doesn’t understand the full consequences of what it means if this deal is blocked


I don’t think this deal will fail but if it does, as others have said i would love it if they started throwing their money at exclusivity deals outbidding Sony. Hell go after year exclusivity on GTA 6. The 360 gen they relied too much on third parties, now they have a huge first party. I think a combo of both would be good.

They can still buy up smaller Dev’s, just not 50 billion plus devs lol

Have I mentioned I hate the ABK-deal? lol

Of course I hope it goes through, otherwise it’s a colossal waste of time, opportunities and momentum.


That’s where Sony should have been careful, these companies are way less valued on stock, Microsoft could have jumped to the throat for teh lulz, buying ABK could even likely end the chance of ever buying Sega for example. I’m not even considering the nuclear option which is removing existing MS games from Playstation.

This. I said it in this forum before but it was an unpopular opinion. MS should have gone on a spending spree for smaller devs first before finishing with a big dev.

The chance of getting any big dev or publisher is a lot harder now unless the ABK deal falls apart. No way MS would be able to get an EA, Ubisoft, or TakeTwo. I doubt a Sega deal could even happen.

Sony can fight tooth and nail with any future acquisitions and have more of a reason to stop it.

Microsoft will acquire what they want. And ABK deal clearly demonstrates what Microsoft wants. The fact they were in talks wit Bungie before ABK was even on the table, tells the direction of where Microsoft wants to go.

Even with ABK, Microsoft still won’t be in any position where other deals (like EA or T2, granted I don’t see them happening anyway) can be blocked.

And they will get nothing aside burned bridges in the end.

I agree on EA and Take Two (an acquisition seems absolutely impossible to me), but Microsoft can still acquire Ubisoft or any other publisher below 10 billion dollars. ABK is making noise because it is a huge 70 billion dollar company. I don’t think that means the publisher acquisitions are over. Microsoft still needs to acquire studios and IPs for its service. Deals with third parties are expensive (up to 100 million dollars according to the latest information), while publishers like Ubisoft, SEGA, or Capcom are valued at less than 5 billion. I think Microsoft wants to invest more in its FP content than in short-term partnerships. I think Microsoft can still acquire 1 or 2 small publishers without problem. Sony can scream and cry, there is no valid argument that could prevent the acquisition of these small publishers.


Curious question: Can Foreign Companies(Like Take Two or Sony) acquire game companies,mobile or otherwise, from within China? Cause am seeing a lot of buzz over with Sony making timed exclusives with some Chinese Game Companies. So am wondering if Microsoft would do the same in the long run. If so, which one would they be looking at?

It seems that Chinese law on foreign business investments has changed significantly since I was in school, there’s a pretty dramatic change that went into effect back in 2020. Used to require joint ventures where the foreign entity couldn’t own more than half and a Chinese firm owned the other half, and I kind of wonder if some of these changes are why Activision is stopping their agreement they had for mobile games in China, as it might make it easier for them to run it on their own now.

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I think Capcom will be Microsoft’s next acquisition

I see many saying that there will be nothing after Activision Blizzard King… last April 25th Microsoft published a post that they are looking for an experienced strategic acquisition analyst who understands the key dynamics of the industry.

Phil Spencer himself mentioned that they intend to continue to acquire and according to Imran Khan XBOX would have discussed with several major publishers in Japan for a possible acquisition.

XBOX a encore une faible présence au Japon et en Asie en particulier mais depuis le rachat de Bethesda ils comptent Shinji Mikami dans leurs rangs qui peut les aider a renforcer des liens avec les Studios Japonais. Shinji Mikami est le papa de Resident Evil, DmC…

Something that nobody expected this week Monster Hunter Rise will land in the XBOX Gamepass Day ONE in 2023 ( thanks to @klobrille )

We know that Microsoft is working on a Monster Hunter Like with Certain Affinity… So why acquire the rights to Monster Hunter if they are already developing a game like this? :thinking: The answer is InXile and Obsidian who have a philosophy close to Bethesda’s RPG… Yet Microsoft acquired the 3 simply because Microsoft seeks to own the most popular games, legendary by genre

FPS: DOOM Sandbox: Minecraft RPG: The Elder Scrolls MMO: World of Warcraft RTS: Starcraft Hack’n Slash Diablo …

Capcom owns the most popular licenses in many genres that XBOX has not popularized

Survival Horror: Residen Evil Vs Fighting: Street Fighter Monster Hunter (one of the most popular licenses in Japan) DmC: BTA …

Capcom is probably the best-performing Japanese publisher in the West, and it also performs very well in Japan. XBOX during its takeovers also evokes proprietary technologies such as game engines and the RE Engine is an excellent engine.


Sega + Capcom combo would be perfect.


I am convinced that the next video game publisher to be acquired by Microsoft will be Ubisoft, Capcom, or SEGA. Ubisoft is an amazing opportunity that can’t be ignored, and Capcom/SEGA are fantastic options in Asia. If Microsoft buys these 3, I wouldn’t ask for more.

Beyond the video game industry and following current rumours, I’m beginning to think that Disney would really be an interesting acquisition, perfectly in line with the strategy of the two companies. Microsoft and Disney share the same values ​​and have already signed numerous partnerships. Ubisoft and Gameloft would be the perfect formula to productively develop the Disney gaming universe (not counting the other studios that would also do great things). I don’t know if it will happen, but it’s an idea that I like and that I would like to see happen. And in the non-gaming options, Spotify and Discord (even if they refused a first time) would be good options to complete Microsoft’s offer and create a multimedia service.

But going back to video games, Ubisoft, Capcom and SEGA are accessible and would be incredible for Microsoft’s catalog.


I’m still feeling like the next acquisitions will be some individual studios that fill out the roster for XGS, Bethesda and even ABK once that wraps up. There are a lot of unused IP that have huge potential and just need developers. There are also holes in popular genres (yes, a publisher is probably better for filling holes, but I think some holes are best filled with targetted acquisitions).

I think NRS is still on the cards.


I doubt any publishers for a while. They will probably get studios.

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I agree with you the next big publisher purchase will probably be Ubisoft just makes to much sense, but Sega is ripe with opportunity also. I would love Capcom but I just don’t see them wanting to sell they are doing better right now than they ever have. I am hopeful that in between ABK and the next publisher they can get 5 or 6 individual studios to help fill out the portfolio. My picks would be certain affinity, asobo, double eleven, platinum ,crytek, avalanche if they are available.