Xbox Acquisition |OT6| If this is about competition, let us have competition

And this whole challenge is a bunch of nonsense. So just like I mentioned - unfair complaints will go to the courts.

The point is that regulators can look at whatever they want. However at this stage there is nothing points to Microsoft limiting the competition there. Nothing prevents other companies from starting their own subscription service - like Sony has been having one for years and did nothing with it.

Gaming market is a very complex. And not to mention there are also subscriptions to the games itself. Even on mobile.

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So you believe Microsoft should go after Valve or Epic Games. There is no way regulators would allow the acquisition to go through even if Microsoft keeps Steam and the Epic Games Store multiplatform. So why should Microsoft even bother knowing they wouldn’t be able to acquire them.

The ABK acquisition is fine and is one that will benefit Microsoft. What I’m talking about is future publishers acquisitions post ABK. Could Microsoft acquire EA or Take Two? Maybe but it will be a stretch for regulators and be a very long process for the acquisition to complete so I don’t see how that would be beneficial for Microsoft when you are pause for at least 1-2 years before the deal goes through.

Even Valve or Epic Games as a whole there is basically no way any of the regulators would approve of the deal since they are way too big.

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Well, they probably could but I don’t see them doing that.

My personal opinion (and it seems quite a few others agree here) is that after ABK closes Microsoft should immediately be courting their smaller partners ASAP and try getting those handled if at all possible.

Certain Affinity, Asobo, IO Interactive, and whoever else fits that bill. Not saying they should do whatever they can to get these all on board, but I’d argue Asobo and CA are vital.


I don’t see it happening unless Microsoft has no other choice. After Double Helix, Microsoft made sure to make the contracts that prevent such situation. IO might happen if Project Dragon succeeds, and Asobo shows no indication to sell.

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With Asobo wanting to remain independent that might prove difficult for a while. It might would be easier to buy Focus who they are close with and who own the Plagues tale IP to persuade them or at least keep them locked down for the next few years. I agree Certain Affinity should be vital as well. I in addition to them building their own MH style game and working on MP content for Halo. I would let them develop their own side story Halo game. Maybe an open world squad based Ghost Recon style game featuring Fire Team Osiris, or maybe another reach style game based on one of the books feature Sgt Johnson or something, but they should be given more freedom with the Halo IP.


Yep, but that’s why I said if at all possible.

Depends on what Asobo’s reasoning is. IO Interactive has also made a similar stance.

With that said Ninja Theory, Insomniac, Bungie, and Playground have made similar comments in the past too. We see how that turned out.


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’ So if this is about competition, let us have competition ’


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I think an underrated publisher that would create a number of synergies for Microsoft Gaming and expand their product portfolio is Hasbro. Start to expand their gaming IP into what Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro does best. It also brings the Transformers IP in house for Activision to work on. They also have massive family friendly IP that appeal like Peppa Pig.

Theyd be an interesting studio to add in conjunction with Jackbox Studios.


I will love to see activision returning to make transformers games, they where fun

Also hasbro owns peppa? I though the ip was owned by some russian company

I think you may be referring to the Russian copycat which was sued by Hasbro? Prior to Hasbro it was owned by a Canadian company.

I think a Rom game would be awesome (which Hasbro own)!


I’m not sure if they would acquire Hasbro unless they also wanted to get into TV/Movie and Toys tbh. They are similar to Bandai Namco in many ways.


Wait really? I dont know why I always though that the show was made in russia

Just like asobo, certain affinity is a must for xbox


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Dreamt that Certain Affinity was bought by Tencent because MS was still dealing with ABK.

Not happening folks.





That picture makes me sad