Windows Central Rumour Roundup - Kojima, 4 Global Publishing Projects, Nintendo Collaboration

I’ve had few conversations with friends at Xbox Games Studios and those games they announced … Everwild, Perfect Dark, Fable are so far away, as in, they might even be in a new Xbox by the time these games come out. When you look at the Hideo Kojima stuff you wonder if they are signing third parties in the moment because they don’t have a line-up of big exclusives at all.

Industry legend Hideo Kojima is working on more games, but for now, they remain shrouded in mystery. Kojima and his comrades at Kojima Productions most recently made Death Stranding, which polarized audiences owing to its unique gameplay and obscure story delivery. Love it or loathe it, Death Stranding, like most Kojima games, simply can’t be ignored. Which is why it would be a bit of a coup if the long-time Sony collaborator jumped sides and worked with Xbox on his next big project. According to Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat, that’s something that may actually be happening.

Recently, we received a large cache of information from trusted sources which hint at some of the future deals Xbox’s partner publishing teams are working towards.

I recently teased the following on Twitter, using a cyclone emoji. Many took this to mean the Dreamcast logo, Sonic, or Ubisoft, but it’s actually in reference to a game Microsoft is looking to publish with a prominent third-party AAA studio.

Lot’s more at the link.


Hope that cyclone emoji is related to rasengan and Xbox is bringing on a Naruto game

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Yoooo that would be wilddd

So it’s clear for everyone who may not be familiar with the first quote about the games being years away, that’s from Chris Dring, and not Jez Corden like the other quoted pieces.


The Fable rumour started in 2018 and the article started that it should release around 24/25 ? Very long development but I guess it’s a “new” Playground studio.


What if this is the Valve Collaboration and referring to the emoji?

Would be absolutely wild.


if so, the game was revealed way too goddamn soon.

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Half-Life 3 exclusive to Xbox and PC would be wild.

lol that game won’t exist ever, so forget about it.

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Half-Life 2 part 3? :laughing:

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And Gabe said he preferred xbox on that interview he did with a New Zealand news channel

(but also said he wasnt a huge fan of consoles)

the guy who tweeted this deleted it now. :thinking:

It’s a tough situation, the game was already “known” in gaming circles. Keeping it hidden wasn’t an option and the CGI teaser allowed them to actively recruit in the open for it. You also have to expect that most projects are pushed back in some way by Covid, so the original plan of “show it off and release it in two years” might be now release it in 2 years 6 months or 3 years. We’ll have plenty of other games to play in the meantime though.


Fable in 2025 is almost in the crossgen territory, I’d be pretty disappointed if that game is not coming out for five more years, that’s all. I still feel positive about it making 2023.

I genuinely dont think there would be a more earth shattering announcement tbh. I was absolutely stunned when they announced bethesda, but honestly a console exclusive half life 3 would leave me even more stunned

To put a different take on it, what if its referring to arkane finishing that game they were making in the half life universe? I know they are first party now, but maybe it was a deal that was started before they were acquired and so are still run by the xbox global publishing team? Plus they could be the ones to interface with valve who I am sure would have to approve things

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2025 is not a thing for any of the games they’ve announced outside of the Elder Scrolls VI. (just me guessing of course)

Fable releasing in 2024 Mark’s the 20 year anniversary of the original. From a marketing point, it makes sense to release the reboot then

yeah thats what I was thinking. If Fable is really that far out, it better be as goddamn ambitious and big as TES6 is supposed to be.

The way Xbox and PG talk about Fable make it sound more like this franchise is supposed to get multiple entries, the whole “new beginning for a legendary franchise” so a fable game announced before one gen starts and releasing towards the end of the next one feels weird.

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I think Fable is next year tbh, theres a couple reason I think that.

Firstly, forza motorsport is going to being flighting soon, which says to me that it will likely come out this year.

Secondly, it would be weird imo to launch a forza motorsport and horizon in the same year

So assuming horizon doesnt come out this year (and will next year) it would have had twice the amount of time that forza horizon games usually have, which imo seems excessive, maybe they were doing something else

The fable project started late 2017/early 2018, and FH4 launched that fall. I think its possible that the forza horizon team all worked on the fable project initially until the fable team hired enough people, then transitioned back to working on forza horizon, maybe they worked on fable for a year say

So maybe FH5 only started full production in 2019 ?

Perfect Dark coming sooner then that would be a surprise.