Will new entries in the Call of Duty series (NOT Warzone) be EXCLUSIVE to Xbox platforms?

Will future Call of Duty Games (NOT WARZONE) be exclusive to Xbox?
  • Yes
  • No

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Nope won’t be exclusive

I dont think they will be

YES. Once the deal is legally finalized, all future Bethe…err, I mean Activision Blizzard games will be fully exclusive to the Xbox eco-system. Only way Sony gets them is if they allow Game Pass on PlayStation which as an Xbox fan, I disagree with but it will be fun and entertaining to see unfold.


Eventually yes. I think 2024s COD will be.

I abstain.

It’s too murky right now.

Phil’s statement seems more definitive and clear on CoD than Bethesda games but IDK man.

I think CoD might be too big to go exclusive and I think Sony might have a longer contract we think for marketing rights.

I’m sorry, but Xbox would rip up the Sony contract if their first party game is being marketed by a rival for like 5 years.

I think the contract goes to at least CoD 2023.

Maybe, but after that I don’t see Xbox investing in a rival platform.


yep its not as firm as people think

I wanted to take an educated look at the numbers for this and make an assessment, so I did some quick math below based on some assumptions and numbers that I were available for past sales.

I will go with the relatively lower number that COD exclusive attracts 3 million sustained new gamepass subscribers on a yearly basis. This will be versus the cut that Microsoft makes by having COD on playstation.

COD on Playstation: Assume average of $60 per game (some are on sales etc) I will use the numbers for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 sales on PS4 which was 13.4 million Total Revenue for Playstation Sales = (13,400,000)X($60) = $804,000,000

Then Playstation takes a 30% cut of the sales so:

Total Revenue for Playstation Sales that goes to Xbox = ($804,000,000)X(1-0.30) = $562,800,000.00

Note that this does not count for microtransactions as I could not find solid numbers to use for calculations.

New Gamepass Subscribers:

New Gamepass Subscribers = 3,000,000 per year Average Gamepass Price = $10.00/month (going right in the middle) Gamepass yearly subscription = $120.00/year

Revenue from Gamepass per year = (3,000,000)X($120) = $360,000,000

Note that this does not account for additional content sales for the user being in the Xbox ecosystem.

Difference per year in revenue is: $562,800,000.00 - $360,000,000 = $202,880,000.

However, let’s look at the difference over a 5 year period with the compound affect of the sustained gamepass subscribers due to COD.

Year Revenue from Playstation
1 $562,800,000.00
2 $562,800,000.00
3 $562,800,000.00
4 $562,800,000.00
5 $562,800,000.00
Total $2,814,000,000.00
Year Gamepass Subscibers Compunded Revenue from Gamepass Subscribers Due to COD
1 3000000 $360,000,000.00
2 6000000 $720,000,000.00
3 9000000 $1,080,000,000.00
4 12000000 $1,440,000,000.00
5 15000000 $1,800,000,000.00
Total $5,400,000,000.00

Exclusive and Gamepass is the clear way to go over time due to the compound effect.

Over a 5 year period that is a difference of over 2.5 billion dollars.


Either way, it’s nuts that I’ll never have to pay $70 bucks at launch for CoD when I just preload and play launch night on GamePass.

And it’ll probably never leave the service.

And it’ll actually go on sale sometimes for below 20 bucks.


My opinion is that online only/F2P versions of CoD will remain Multiplatform, while Single Player Campaigns will be exclusive. I would wager that the majority of CoD players only really care about the multiplayer anyway. :man_shrugging:


Yup - this is my thinking as well. Phil left it vague enough and the above assertion will still be true :man_shrugging:t2:

Xbox is Game Pass. Activision is Call of Duty.

Yes in the 10th gen.

It will be bound to GP.