Will Bethesda Games be Xbox Console Exclusive?

Some of the responses here are ridiculous. Anyone with a brain can see they say “some” because of contractual obligations, mobile games, Expansions and DLCs and MMOs.

The announcement literally said stay tuned for more, so I’m assuming they have more they want to communicate. I’m not upset with this welcome to the family post.

Thats one massive assumption

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That why Phil used the word “some”.

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Then why not just say that!?

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What new awesome games, the Bethesda catalogue titles ? I have already finished most of these games, big deal , a bunch of previous-gen games are coming to gamepass.

If it was Sony they would have announced EXCLUSIVE NEXT GEN UPGRADES for 2-3 big previous-gen Bethesda titles and of course everything going forward PlayStation-exclusive. Instead not only do the series consoles not have anything exclusive for many months to come but MS can’t even commit their first party titles (because that’s what Bethesda games are). Truth is not even online Bethesda games should come to PlayStation.

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Some could literally mean 2 games its still vague

People will never be happy mate seriously.

Klob pretty much summed it up


FF14 never came to Xbox and it is doing fine

I hope so. But why couldn’t the post by Phil say this? Why not say “MMOs and service based games will remain multiplatform, while everything else will be Xbox and PC only.”?

It’s confusing because new games can mean Wolfenstein 3, but could also include Starfield. Why, oh why would you do that? Are we actually going to see a future where a new DOOM or new game by Tango or Arkane will be still multiplatform? That would be laughable. If that were to happen, what happened to “not sustainable, we’d need a ecosystem on the other platforms.”

Maybe it’s indeed all because of these existing contracts (wish they would fucking finally just say screw it and cancel shit) but the wording is too…vague.

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This means literally nothing and I’ve already seen people on Era saying that the bigger games are going to be multiplat.

Microsoft could’ve shaken the ground right now and everyone would be talking how massive Xbox is, but now all we have is “Ok I’ll keep my PS5 games still coming”


Thank you! Jeeeeez!

Because they have Deathloop, Ghostwire Tokyo, Doom 3 VR and all future mobile games, which will not be exclusive to PC and Xbox. And those are not MMOs.

The fact that he didn’t mention Starfield when a few months ago he wouldn’t shut up about it is pretty telling. I guess higher ups at MS wouldn’t sign this merger off without being able to dictate platforms.

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Is it though? I know lots of Xbox fans, the core, who are not amused. If anything this depletes trust among the people who actually is in the ecosystem allready. This is not like the cult of the other consoles.

This is my point why not just say service based games

Just a simple exercise in common sense negates a lot of faux confusion that some are expressing.

  1. MS owns Bethesda
  2. Understand that all of those games are coming Day 1 to Gamepass
  3. Do not assume that any new games are coming out on a rival console
  4. Be pleasantly surprised if a new game comes on a rival console
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The most expensive GamePass deal in history!

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