Will Bethesda Games be Xbox Console Exclusive?

"All future titles of Bethesda will become Xbox exclusive 1*

1* TES Online will be on PC, Xbox, Playstation, Luna; Fallout76 will be on PC, Xbox, Playstation, Stadia; Deatloop will be on Playstation first and come later to Xbox; Ghostwire will be on Playstation first and come later to Xbox; Elder Scrolls Blades will be supported on iOS, Android and Switch; future Alpha Dog games will be on iOS and Android; …

Great PR, rolls right of the tongue :smiley:


Still leaves as vague because could have just said those tiles would be multiplat

It does say

Some new titleS in the future that will be exclusive to Xbox and PC

Which means more than 1 title.

MS should have announced:

Doom eternal , with a next gen patch (exclusive to series consoles), coming to gamepass by the end of the week. Same for Fallout 4.

Future Bethesda games, with the exception of the 2 games that have contractual obligations to Sony, will be Xbox ecosystem exclusive.

BOOOOM. Instead we got …this …

Doesn’t mean most tiles

Some people are making WILD assumptions right now to try and think stuff is exclusive. The post just doesnt do anything to make us think otherwise beyond “some”.

Microsoft has poor messaging simple as that. Going to make us wait 4 months to hit us in E3 to find out and build anticipation as to what Bethesda is going to do.

While we may not have a black and white answer, we have an answer.

There will be Xbox exclusives, they won’t commit to what yet, and that’s fine. This topic has run its course. If you want to continue Bethesda discussions go here

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You need only look all their other acquisitions to see what happens, they finish up their work (Hellblade Switch, Psychonauts 2, Wasteland 3, The Outer Worlds)then they go exclusive (Hellblade II, Avowed, New IP) .

As I said, Starfields exclusive…and if that is, everything coming thereafter is.

I think it’s time to mute this thread some people will never be happy some of the replies is here are way over the top and extremely dramatics. Chill guys your getting exclusives even if you want to become obsessed with the word “some” your still getting em and better yet it’s in your current sub so you ain’t paying nothing more.

Relax and enjoy video games


Ah shit, this exclusivity talk isn’t going to die anytime soon, is it? Gonna mute Bethesda at this point on Twitter.


That’s the problem. If they would have literally included that 1 game as an example they would have sent a clear and loud message. However it sounds like more to come this week so we wait.