Which new XGS game will you be playing in August?

Battletoads and Tell me Why. I was disappointed by life is strange season 2 so hopefully this is an improvement over that.

Wasteland 3 and Tell Me Why.

Flight Simulator is one of my most awaited games but my pc is not strong enough. So i have to wait for the console release :cry:

Wasteland 3. Really want to try Flight Sim but its download size exceeds my internet FUP at the moment lmaoo

Wish I could play FS20 as well, but I don’t have a gaming rig. I hope it comes to the Xbox in the near future. Any news on that?

It is confirmed for Xbox, but no timeframe has been given.

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Wasteland 3 for sure. Will prob sink many hours into that game.

Definetly trying all of them, but propably only have time to finish one and that will be Tell Me Why. Really liked Dontnod games in the past so I hope this is just as good.

Wasteland 3 looks great, but no time for a bigger RPG at the moment.

Mainly Battletoads, couch coop with the wife. I’ll definitely give Flight Sim and Wasteland 3 a try but I don’t expect to play a ton of these games.

Wasteland 3 for sure, I loved 2 and can’t wait to see what the team did with the extra time and resources!

With Game Pass I’ll be playing them all :smiley:

Certainly Battletoads and Flight Sim. Not sure about they others.

Everything but Flight Sim. Idk if my 1080 and current PC is enough to handle that game in the way it looks like it should be. And right now is not the best time to be upgrading a PC given the insane cost of components.

I’m waiting for Tell Me Why, I hope that game will be better than Life is Strange 2. Wasn’t really a fan of LiS 2, too many characters who a only showed in one episode, so you couldn’t grow any relation to them.

Hi there! Definitely Flight Simulator for me, my Thrustmaster equipment is ready (my 1080 might not be, though).

Wasteland 3 for me. Been dying to try out a XCOM type game for a while now.

Only Wasteland 3 for me. Very much looking forward to the game as it will be the first in the series that I play and only became interested in turn based strategy RPG’s because of Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle which is the best Switch exclusive for me.

Since then, I also played through Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden and the expansion Seeds of Evil plus I still have Gears Tactics when it launches on Xbox Series X.

Only Tell Me Why for me to start. I’ll try out Flight Sim once it comes to Xbox, and I’m potentially interested in Wasteland but need to know more about it first. Battletoads I’m holding off on until they add online co-op because it’s 2020 and there’s no excuse for it to not be there.

Wasteland 3 (and possibly Wasteland 2 soon, after finishing Ghost of Tsushima), and also Tell Me Why depending on how long the episodes are (if they are too long and would disrupt my gaming schedule too much, I’ll leave it for afterwards).

I am a sucker for tactics RPGs. Loved Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses on Switch.

Since Gears Tactics is up to pre-load on the MS Store, I might start that instead if it releases this month before W3.

Too many damn games!!

I love Dotnod for Life is Strange 1/2, so I will be there on Day 1 for Tell my why. I still have nightmares about the Turbo-Tunnel Level in Battletoads (I know there are much harder Levels - but I bought it on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis full price as a teen and I beat the Level maybe once), so it‘s time to get my revenge.

all of them tbh


Wasteland 3 (believe it or not i’m listed in the credits for Wasteland 2 lol)

MS Flight Sim


Tell me why too, even if really don’t like this type of games