Which new XGS game will you be playing in August?

Excited for Battletoads! :slight_smile:


Looking forward to Battletoads since that new trailer and pretty keen to try Tell Me Why. Completely forgot Wasteland 3 was coming out this month!! Gonna be a busy month.

I’ll check them all out. Probably play through Battletoads and start my Wastelands 3 play through. I’m tempted to wait to play Tell Me Why until all 3 episodes are out but we’ll see.

I think I’ll be giving all of them a try. Most excited for Wasteland.

Flight Simulator will have to wait until it’s released on Xbox.

I want to try wasteland 3. I don’t like turn based games so much but wasteland seems good.

Wasteland 3 is definitely on my top list for next month.

Battletoads, definitely.

Wasteland 3 for sure Day One. Battletoads I’ll dive into afterwards.

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I will play three of the games, except Flight Simulator I will wait for an Xbox version to come out.

Battletoads :smiley:
I hope it is a more fun experience rather than a difficult/frustrating one like the older game.

Battletoads for me! Flight Simulator looks incredible but I’ll be playing that on Series X.

Do we know if Battletoads has local co-op? Could be really fun with the family if so.

It has local co-op, but no online co-op.

Kind of an odd exclusion, but that works perfectly for me!

Both Wasteland 3 and Battletoads looks awesome. Tell Me Why is not my kind of game and the same goes for Flight Simulator.

Agree! Hope they add it in at a later stage.

Surprised by the positive reception of Battletoads with that latest trailer. I didn’t expect that at all.

Wasteland 3 for me - even if it’s extra hard, I’ll wait for FS on XSX.

Battletoads #1 for me and Flight Sim.

I will likely be checking all of them out at some point, but Battletoads has my eye big time with that latest trailer especially. So I definitely plan to play it first. I was invited to the beta and may at least check out Microsoft Flight Simulator briefly on my gaming laptop because I played this way back in the day, but I would probably just prefer to relax and play this one on my Series X when it comes later.

Tell Me Why is the big one for me, really looking forward to seeing how Dontnod treat the subject matter. I’ll definitely play Battletoads as well, because, well, Game Pass! Flight Sim…? I’ll probably at least give it a look for teh shinies at some point, but I’m not big on sims.

Wasteland 3 can wait. I definitely want to play it, but I’m currently halfway through Pillars of Eternity, so I’ll need a palate cleanser in between.