What's your favourite Annapurna Interactive game so far?

Annapurna Interactive is one of the best publishers in the world, publishing some of the best independent games around. And Microsoft and Annapurna have put a lot of their games on Xbox Game Pass.

The next few weeks we’ll get another taste of some Annapurna games with 12 Minutes and The Artful Escape on Game Pass.

So, I’m sure many Xbox fans are also Annapurna fans. That’s why I was wondering; what’s your favorite Annapurna Interactive game?

  • What Remains of Edith Finch
  • Florence
  • Donut County
  • Ashen
  • Outer Wilds
  • Journey
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts
  • Kentucky Route Zero
  • The Pathless
  • Telling Lies
  • Last Stop
  • Gorogoa
  • Other…

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And not unimportant; why do you like your choice so much?


I have a feeling which games is going to be the most popular.

I voted Donut County, as I think that’s a very cleverly designed little game with the right dose of humour.


WROEF. Its a very well made “walking sim” with exceptional visual storytelling and great music.

I expect Outer Wilds to get some votes as well because it too is a great game with a strange loop (:wink: ) and melancholic music, one which I loved how much I’ve played of it, but still need to complete to have an informed opinion.

Although I would say Journey should not be included in this list, its originally a Playstation 3 game that just got ported to PC recently, publishing of which was handled by Annapurna. It’s like calling Death Stranding a 505 game.


Ah, yeah. I see it now. I completely forgot that was a SIE game.

no worries haha. But it’s very easy to admit that Journey is the most influential game in this entire list for sure.

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Yup. Though I can imagine for many Xbox fans that isn’t the case.

Edith Finch for me. But I’ll be playing 2! New Annapurna games soon that may rise above it.


I’ve only played Pathless. So that one.

But I’m sure Artful Escape will be it.


I love Edith Finch and like Donut County a lot, but I voted for Journey. It is one of the best Zen games in recent memory with near perfect visual and gameplay based story telling.

My reasoning too. A lovely little game.

I enjoyed my time with Edith and I have tried to start Outer Wilds numerous times and I cant make it past the first 5 minutes lol.

Pathless is super underrated ngl.

Also I see very few people even acknowledge me saying this which I have repeatedly… give me a semi- open world Sonic in the style of Pathless where its less about being this sweaty hundred button mashing combo platforming and instead this super expansive free-ing explorative, leisurely experience with moderate platforming challenge.

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I can’t pick one game cause there is so many games I played & really like a lot from this publisher. They’re really good at finding the right indie games, the special ones.

I’m really looking forward to Ashen sequel and Outer wilds dlc.

If MS were to buy another publisher, I’d love them to consider Annapurna and Focus Home. Both produce really, really good smaller scale games that have heart.

I haven’t played many on this list… But Donut County was a very fun little game so that gets my vote. What remains of Edith Finch was very good as well, but a tad bit overrated which sours my opinion on the game a bit however unfair that may be.

No vote. Outside of maybe an hour or so for Ashen, I have never played any game by Annapurna Interactive as quite honestly, their games simply aren’t for me.

You’ll start a Halo 3 versus Halo 5 war with Sonic mechanics.

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I chose Journey, beautiful game. I wish I could’ve went with Outer Wilds. I liked the idea of it, but it was waaaaay over my head and made me feel like a (even bigger) dumb-dumb.


Had to go with Ashen, loved that game, and it’s the first game I played on Game Pass. Hopefully we’ll get a sequel!

Outer Wilds needs more votes!!

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Lot of great games on that list!

I voted for Donut County because it’s such a concise, fun, inventive experience.

KRZ is currently in my backlog though and I’m looking forward to trying it.