What Remakes Would You Like to See from Xbox Game Studios in the Future?

With the Demon Souls phenomenon currently being experienced on Playstation, the success the RE2 remake had and the hype around the return of the Mass Effect trilogy, it’s clear there is a hunger for old games with fresh coats of paint on them. With Microsoft’s acquisition and sharing of tech between all their studios, they have a real opportunity to go back to their vault and do something special with remakes. I’m not talking enhanced games but rather more robust remakes. New textures. Maybe even new animations and AI. If you were able to recommend up to 5 remakes, what would they be in order?

  1. Fallout New Vegas - Regarded as one of the best best RPGs of all time and probably the best fallout, how exciting would it be for Bethesda’s highly updated Creation Engine, with it’s improved animations and AI, to be applied to this game? Someone call Phil and let him know this will move Game Pass subs faster than almost anything else Bethesda is working on.
  2. Halo 3 - The only game in the original Halo trilogy not to get a remake. While Halo 3 still holds up incredibly well by even today’s standards, it would be exciting to see them experiment by adding the updated AI from the Slipspace engine along with throwing even more enemies on the screen. Halo 3 doesn’t need a faithful 1 to 1 remake due to how well the original holds up today.
  3. Banjo Kazooie - Considered one of the best platformer games of all time, the N64 visuals are quite out-dated. In addition, the lack of a 360 camera makes it difficult to play by today’s standards.
  4. Lost Odyssey - A cult classic from the 360 era on a platform starving for Japanese RPGs. This is one RPG where they could update the graphics only and it would be enough.
  5. Crimson Skies - This game doesn’t need a sequel. Just a visual update and bring those dogfights back to Xbox Live.

I merely ask for just one remake.

Confers bad fur day.

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The less remakes the better.


Any Xbox IP except “Halo, Gears, Fable, Forza”

Xbox has very rich history.

New Vegas would be great if they finished up and added the cut content and squashed most of the remaining bugs. Ditto Alpha Protocol.

And Banjo Redooie would be great.


Banjo Kazooie

Forza world Remake!

All the maps from previous FH combined in one game with enhanced graphics

mechassault or crimson skies

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Halo 3 - Still my favorite campaign in the series, game still looks awesome on the MCC IMO but I’d love to see an audiovisual remake with high end next gen graphics and redone sound mixing.

Banjo Kazooie - Crash and Spyro remakes show that there is still an audience for 3D platformers, game still plays great IMO and an updated version deserves to be in today’s MS portfolio.

The good thing about the above is that the original versions are also available on the Series X/S, as much as I love all 3 Resident Evil remakes (Demon’s Souls & Shadow of the Colossus as well) it is a bummer when there is no way to play the original versions.

Maybe Banjo, the rest i don’t really care. Let the BC team enhance PGR, Lost Odyssey, etc. and invest the money better in new ips or sequels.

As you can tell from my avatar pic, Fallout New Vegas would be top of the list for me! My other top choice would be Mass Effect, but at least we are getting a remaster soon.

Other than that I don’t really know. More of Bethesdas games I guess, like Morrowind and/or Oblivion perhaps.


Banjo is the most obvious choice but now that they own Bethesda I’d say Fallout New Vegas.

Hope none of the main xbox studios do any remakes in the present future. Outsource that if needed.

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Agree with Crimson Skies. I would also like to see a remake of New Vegas, and maybe some of Bethesda’s older titles such as Morrowind.

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Conker: Live & Reloaded (mostly the multiplayer. I could leave the campaign.)

MechAssault and Crimson Skies, but I would hope they’d drum up enough interest for new ones afterwards. Those games do need sequels.

  1. Crimson Skies! - a full fledged sequel with next gen graphics and QOL enhancements would do just as well.

  2. New Vegas - never could finish. I found a bug where, after playing so long, my save files corrupted and crashed. Add in the cut content and I’m all in!

  3. Mech Assault/Mech Warrior - assuming they can focus on a great single player like Titan Fall 2 rather than a MP only game like the original Titan Fall.

  4. Lost Odyssey - gets another vote using the OP as a citation.

  5. Viva Piñata - a vote for a game collection I’ve lost interest in but my wife and kid would add and I agree would be GREAT for a family oriented set with the more mature list above.

MechAssault with a single-player focus??? That seems like the antithesis of the series…

Maybe. I suppose “focus” was a poor choice of word. How about the inclusion of a well developed single player mode?

Cool, sounds good. (Especially if the campaign can be played with 2 players optionally, like Halo)

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