Jeff Grubb hints at Forza Horizon 5 coming in 2021 in the PSVG podcast

Hope it will be full next gen in a more exotic location.

He is just guessing here.

FH5 coming after Motorsport makes more sense.

The Forza Tech engine will be fully upgraded and ready to be used for FH5.

Upgraded rendering pipeline and car simulation will reach first in Motorsport then to FH5.

Ofcourse, this is my guess.


Forza Horizon 2/3/4 all saw huge success and critical acclaim, yet they still came out on a console that had a negative perception. I think MS want fo get these games out on a new console, which is respected. It’s literally a licence to print money. So I’m going with a Forza Horizon collection coming next year

Beaten to it lol

Agree with implementation of RT for AO and GI. Or maybe for shadows perhaps.

Reflections doesn’t mean much when they are being done at sub optimal resolution.


Asking for this since ages. Lol

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I wonder if this will be cross gen? While I must admit my initial reaction was to kinda wish we’d get the next Horizon with all the bells and whistles from the next gen engine improvements Turn 10 will be/have been working on, the downside to that would probably mean waiting another 2 or 3 years for Horizon 5!

That said, you would imagine Playground/Turn 10 will maybe have made some adjustments to the Forzatech version they’re currently using to suit their needs for FH5.

With Horizon being one of the top critical series for Xbox it’s good they’ve been given an extra bit of time to work on Horizon 5. As a brit I’m probably biased :rofl:but I loved the setting (and seasons) of FH4. If there’s one criticism I have of it, I’d like to see them alter the progression a little sometimes it felt like it almost didn’t “matter” where you finished in races.

FH2 is a crossgen game and massively improved over FH.

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I think turn 10 is gunning for the most impressive looking racer this gen. If the teaser is anything to go by it looks mighty.

It will also be the only Forza motorsport game this entire gen.

I love the idea of it being the only game for this gen.

It goes well with Gamepass plan.

I don’t see how they can release Horizon 5 before then next Motorsport game when Horizon 5 hasn’t even been Announced yet. Seems like wishful thinking on Jeff’s part.

With that being said, i hope they don’t run the Horizon series into the ground. Their idea for one Motorsport game that they can expand upon sounds amazing. In comparison I don’t want the Horizon series to start to feel stale. I think if they have a wild idea for 5 that keeps things fresh they should definitely pursue it. But hopefully after that they can put Horizon on the back burner for a while and maybe just continue to release content for it.

We’ve had 7 Motorsport games in a short period of time but it sounds like the next installment is going to truly true to be a “live” game that they can continuously iterate on while possibly working on something else, something new.

I’m glad PG has a Fable team now but I do hope the Horizon team isn’t stuck making Horizon games forever. There’s only so much you can do to keep that same engagement through multiple series.


People working on forza were given the freedom to choose if they wanted to stay on forza or join the fable team. Lots of people shifted and that’s partly why they have so many jobs listing for the forza team too, besides accounting for expansion.

They have 280 devs on LinkedIn with over 100 listings currently, I think they’re aiming for 200 devs for each of the games.

Also, I think the Forzatech engine in co-developed now, especially with rumors saying that Fable too is using Forzatech. (previously rumored to use unreal) I would be a little disappointed if horizon 5 is to be cross gen game, if just means we will have to wait another 3 years for the true next gen Horizon.


Yeah so do I, but the fact that it’s still unnanouced could mean it’s next gen only, fingers crossed.

Xbox studios are hiring so many people it’s scary lol I have a feeling this gen will be pretty insane.

what kind of true innovation could they make to Horizon to keep it fresh?

A new location alone won’t cut it.

Seasons was an interesting idea, but didn’t blow me away.

Ideas could include:

Local MP: split screen MP. Long overdue. Manhunt - One car hides somewhere on the map. The others have to find it and tag it. Different vehicles: boats, hovercrafts, drone racing, even airborne vehicle racing Multi-vehicle races: across 3 legs. switch vehicles between each leg Player operated exhibition competitors: other players fly the plane/drone/bikes etc. that you race against

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I think expanding on the online play can create some innovation. I think current state of racing games MP is in a pretty bad state

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bring back FH 1 progression and build on that.

online modes needs major improvements not just in FH but also in FM

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Would be a great addition to the first party line up.

This topic might belong in its own thread, but I agree that the series needs to evolve a bit. I also think the online play needs more modes. I loved Cat & Mouse in PGR and the first FH… I’m not sure why it wasn’t in any other.

The game is a wonderful sandbox that I feel is underutilized. More game modes give us more reasons to play.

I do hope next gen capabilities are leveraged in adding more traffic to some race modes. I’d really like to see a Tokyo Street Racer “fighting game” style mode available, where there’s more emphasis in weaving around traffic.

I hope they add more particle effects. I am happy with current state of GamePlay.

They should bring hot wheels back.

tbh am I the only person who wants Playground to make a Transformers game down the line?