Jeff Grubb hints at Forza Horizon 5 coming in 2021 in the PSVG podcast


Sounds more like a good guess than actual insider info, but man that would be awesome. Please be Japan!


FEUDAL JAPAN with Mitsubishi Lancer Evo as the mascot car fighting against the Shogunate, LET’S GOOOOOO


Forza Horizon 5 would be an epic release for 2021! I really hope it is so.

Disclaimer: I own a Series X since day 1 and enjoy playing games on it every single day.

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I’d love for that to be the case, though it is kinda weird for there to be two Forza Horizon releases before the next Forza Motorsport.

how’d you get that disclaimer pin at the bottom lol, or is that something you manually added here as well?

My guess is that they just italicized it and made it the smallest possible size, 1.

Like this

Not really if FH5 is cooked out with the last Forza Engine retooled to the max. New Forza Engine will probably debut with Motorsports.

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Haha, I just added it as a nod to the cultist behaviour :wink:

Edit: Since it was originally posted in the XGS OT.

Yeah, I’m thinking this will be the case.

This gets “an exclusive out” that will surely look and run good without running into potential issues that the development of the new engine will have possibly.

Probably Crossgen game like FH 2 done by two different teams

Japan or China would be cool locations.

I’d much rather get a new Motorsport title, but a year with both Halo Infinite in the first half and a Forza Horizon title for the holidays would be huge for MS, and Horizon has a lot more appeal to gamers than Motorsport in general. I can only imagine the end of year bundles with those games!

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That’d be great if it’s ready, but Horizon 4 is still very much alive, and I want Horizon 5 to take advantage of the new Forza Tech engine and the new HW. Only on Series X|S, no Xbone version. I suppose that would make more sense in 2022.


Maybe that Playground games are good enough to use what Turn 10 is currently working on and have something ready for 2021. I always thought that Forza Motorsport was going to release first as a GAAS and would come out with less content but in 2021 and last a generation or more while Forza Horizon would come out the following year, but Grubb’s been pretty spot on in general so you never know!


At the moment Xbox could definitely use a big “next-gen looking” exclusive like Horizon 5, 2021 is pretty much empty at this point. The game hasn’t even been announced yet, so it would be a nice surprise. I have to assume they have more than Halo and Psychonauts 2 coming from their 23 studios in 2021.

I suppose As Dusk Falls might be 2021 from XGS Publishing but eh, not exactly a console seller. Phil Spencer’s comments on Xbox selling every single console for the next couple months got me thinking they are keeping a couple big ones up their sleeves to sell consoles next year when the demand starts going down. We’ll see!


I am so on board with this. Even if crossgen it could look amazing. Just hope the Series X version isn’t held back like the version of FH4 seems to be. Not too concerned though, Gears 5 is cross gen but feels next and PlayGround didn’t do the FH4 port. Total faith in them.

My thought process is we get a Forza Horizon every 2-3 years but only one Motorsport. Motorsport works as a generation-long GAAS, but a large part of Horizon’s appeal are the new maps and locations.

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I’m not concerned about Forza Horizon 5 being held back by being on the Xbox One. I mean look at Forza Horizon 2, that game was on the Xbox 360 as well, and yet it still looked real good.


That makes sense. Playground Games currently has two teams, one of them is working on Fable and the other is working on the next Forza Horizon. Since the Horizon 4 Series X|S optimization was outsourced to Panic Button, the team will have had one extra year to work on the next game when compared from 3 to 4.

And maybe it wasn’t announced yet so Microsoft could focus marketing on the optimized version of Horizon 4 at the Series X|S launch, as well as the new engine being used on the next Motorsport.

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