What Remakes Would You Like to See from Xbox Game Studios in the Future?


You know, I hadn’t considered that, but that’s a really good idea.

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Remake wishlist:




-Lost Odyssey

-Ninja Gaiden


I understand the sentiment however I don’t think a remake takes away from new IPs and sequels. Remakes would most likely be out-sourced. For example, I doubt Bethesda Studios or Obsidian would stop developing the next Elder Scrolls or Avowed to remake New Vegas. Either way, just having fun.

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There’s a few factors I’m considering when answering this question.

  • which game benefits the most from a facelift?
  • which game features gameplay that people are looking for?
  • which game is one that people are nostalgic for?
  • “reskin” or “remake”? Ie. Demon’s Souls / Crash Bandicoot treatment or RE2 treatment?

I think from a “reskin” perspective, a Rare platformer like Banjo Kazooie makes sense. A family friendly platformer with Pixar movie level of animation and visuals with tried and true gameplay is low-risk. It’ll be a cornerstone of the family offerings on Gamepass.

From a “remake” perspective, I think Ninja Theory working on Ninja Gaiden would be great. They can take the story and visuals to another level, making it a AAA experience with a fairly popular IP.

I’m liking all the answers here, though I’ll be honest I wouldn’t mind if they decided to remake Quantum Redshift, I’m pretty open minded. But I thought I’d choose only 1 title in each definition of “remake” to be what I’d consider the smartest investment.


Star Wars Kotor 1&2 Forget Bioware and just let Obsidian do both not just 2 :innocent:

Fallout New Vegas 2 remaster should be a no brainer for MS, most beloved game in the Fallout franchise. Lots of people wanting it, just look at the hype from just a single tweet.

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It’s all I want, and it feel like something that could definitely happen! They have the team’s to do it. I feel like if Cyberpunk does well they might take a look at it… Though it would probably be a new game instead… :frowning:


I’m not really into remakes, although they can be useful if the original games are not playable through BC for whatever reason. That said, if they’re not going to continue the PGR franchise, at least give us a modern remake of PGR4, perhaps with a few cities from the other entries thrown in as well.

Honestly don’t really want many remakes, there are very very in gaming that I do want. I tend towards wanting a reboot more.

Seeing the increasing number of remakes and remaster we got last generation; you can only expect the number to increase this gen. Remaster are a very safe bet for publishers, no risk that comes with developing a new ip, they love low risk high reward. And honestly nostalgia sells, a look at all remakes this gen shows they did pretty well sales wise.

None, only new games. I don’t care about remakes at all unless it is a case where the departure is drastic like RE2&3 where the games’ background graphics went from pre-rendered to real time thus changing the gameplay dynamics. I don’t really care even for stuff like the demon’s souls remake.

It’s hard to go back to Banjo so I would love to them to remake the original (or the first two and do a collection?) with modern tech and graphics.