What are your predictions for Xbox in 2022?

We did this last year, and it was pretty fun. You can take a look in the thread and assess how you did there. What are your predictions for Xbox 2021?:

As for my predictions:

January: A quiet month. The Anacrusis hits Early Access and is decently well-liked.

February: CrossfireX gets mixed reviews. Couple this with the likely acclaim for Horizon and the mid-sized raves for GT7 (which should be reviewed by end of month) will lead to annoying dooming on the forum. However, to assuage fears, Xbox nabs a bigger release for Day One GP. I’m thinking Dying Light 2.

March: Tunic releases to good reviews, Xbox hosts an ID@Xbox Twitch showcase, Forza Horizon 5’s first big expansion is announced and releases. Redfall debuts gameplay footage in a Halo-Campaign style reveal and is dated for July.

April: STALKER 2 releases to a generally positive reception, MLB The Show 22 launches into Game Pass, Inside Xbox returns after 2 years with an Obsidian focused installment. Grounded’s release date is set, Pentiment is announced and a quick 5 second hype glimpse at Avowed. As Dusk Falls re-revealed for a May release.

May: Ghostwire Tokyo is launched to decent reviews on PS5 and PC, As Dusk Falls receives good reviews.

June: E3 time. Bethesda forgoes their usual strategy of releasing a trailer a week early and instead releases an In to The Starfield blog in the first week. Geoff hosts his SGF Kickoff and Xbox brings nothing. No need. Xbox hosts 3 shows that are technically 2. The first is the Xbox and Bethesda showcases which will be less unified this year and more delineated due to the level of content, but will be the same show. I’m talking XGS opens the show, then a 10 minute break, then the theme of the stage at the MS theatre flips over to Bethesda. Like how Star Wars and Marvel host presentations at D23.

The Xbox show has looks at Avowed, Fable, Perfect Dark, Hellblade 2, Pentiment (dated for August) and Forza Motorsport (dated for September). Reveals for Belfry (December), Age of Mythology Remastered (October, PC only), Age 4 Console (in October), Coalition’s New IP, Cobalt and Midnight. Lots of third parties, Game Pass and Indies (but no Indy).

The Bethesda show kicks off with a reveal of ZOS’ new project. Then we get updates for Fallout 76 and ESO. Transition into Redfall which comes out in July. Starfield big blowout 30 minute presentation with Todd Howard. Reiterated for 11/11/22.

Extended showcase later in the week with demos and smaller reveals.

July: Redfall is released to good reviews, but significantly more positive fan reception. Console Warriors debate why Sony got the “Better game” but for those who love Arkane’s style, Redfall hits all the right notes. Proverbial Prey to Dishonored 2 situation all over again, where the more accessible game gets the better reviews, but the deeper mechanics win over the Imm sim fans. Quakecon is hosted with updates on Starfield and the reveal of Deathloop for Xbox. Final moment is the reveal of Quake 5. Female ranger, return to gothic setting, 2023 release, Id, MachineGames and Roundhouse collabing on it with Roundhouse leading the MP, MachineGames the campaign and Id the tech.

August: Gamescom ONL returns and Xbox brings Starfield and Forza. Pentiment launches to mass critical acclaim.

September: Inside Xbox for latter half of the year with updates on forthcoming games. Project Mara is a surprise October release. Forza Motorsport receives positive reception in line with the others and reinvigorates the franchise.

October: Busy month. Age 4 makes a respectable conversion to Console, but it’s not perfect due to limitations on controller. Scores in the high 70s. AoM fans love the remasters. Mara is a short budget experience with killer graphics that provides the perfect level of chills and important social commentary in time for Halloween.

November: Starfield launches to reviews in line with Fallout 4 (high 80s) but is received incredibly positive by fans. GOTY contender. Praised for the world and exploration and polish is higher than expected.

December: Belfry is launched to very positive reviews. Xbox has a decent year at the TGAs in terms of awards if not as big as this year. Avowed is shown at the TGAs, Dragon is revealed and in a shocking twist, ES6 is given a title and setting.


Good prediction Deo but Dying Light has sold 14M copies so thats not coming to game pass in the slighest imo. They dont need it.


All the big games Xbox gets for gamepass are either broken as fuck or needed that so much that it immediately becomes clear the game wouldn’t have even had a chance without the launch on the service (basically GaaS multiplayer).

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Besides The Show (MLB being the publisher) I dont think there has been a single massive AAA game launch on it.

Outriders surely isnt that even if it was a nice get.

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It’s like you know me so well.


Like fr wake me up when Xbox gets a big AAA game for the service that doesn’t quite “make sense for launching on gamepass”


Like do we count Plague Tale? Is that AAA?


I would say its really inching there looking at the trailers, it’s higher echelons of AA, but not quite AAA lol. But yeah it’s gonn be one of those AA games that put several AAA games production budgets to question.

And all of this required Asobo and Focus being extremely good partners with MS. Like the first game came to gamepass and has never left.

Focus entertainment is definitely investing a lot of money into their games this gen, and the acquisitions and publishing make it apparent.

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Oh, oh, oh. Can I make one for XboxERA?

Knottian finally gets fed up and closes down the Acquisition thread.


Ngnl I second this lmao.

Prediction: The Gears Argument thread will explode in E3 when Coalition tease a new IP.


@DeoGame…no acquisitions for Xbox? “Microsoft asleep at the wheel again!!!” @Mort fades into dust as he asks for his seven studios week after week, to no avail…

@Knottian finds an even greener box for his moderator posts

@Shpeshal_Nick “I never said it was acquisition season for Xbox!”

Jokes aside, I’m skeptical of Dying Light 2 into Game Pass, but I remain open to it happening. I like your optimism, though!

I’ll formulate more coherent thoughts later tonight and come back to the thread.


I’ve learned it’s in my best interests to predict no acquisitions. I said in early 2020 MS wouldn’t buy anyone and the rumours Zenimax was far sale were false. Way wrong there. :slight_smile:

video games sega GIF Sega acquired. Daytona remake with graphics to make your eyes bleed

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STALKER 2 releases after a short delay.


Influencers up the predictions; this time it’s 11 studios! Pre-E3 everyone falls for the hype again, me included, and the sky is the limit. E3 is very good and we get a deep dive on Starfield and we get to see more of Avowed and some other stuff. No new studios and I get to meme for another year.



GamesCom. Some more Redfall, FM and a balista documentary for AoE IV’s next expansion.


Redfall releases. Perfect game for Game Pass…


Early Access for Forza Motorsport, release tbd.


STARFIELD!!! Bethesda delivers an incredible game, hordes of people discover the true power of Xbox going forward.





Can we give this thread a different pic than the Xbox Studios one, it’s confusing

I propose a Magic 8 Ball images…




Think we might get a fair few additions to game pass, just a guess though :joy:


First half of the year: similar to 2021, no XGS release, void covered by ID@Xbox deals, CrossfireX and surprise 3rd party day one additions. I sincerely hope they’ll do some sort of show in this timeframe to keep Xbox in the news (like Sony in the second half of 2021 while having nothing 1st party-wise), but I’m not optimistic.

Great E3 with the upcoming release of the second half and a peak into 2023 and beyond as usual, considering all the stuff they own now, E3 will be consistently good from now on, being their major marketing focus since forever.

Second half of the year: similar to 2021, all the XGS/Bethesda released concentrated here (Starfield, Redfall, Deathloop late port, FM, As Dusk Falls, Grounded and maybe some surprise Global Publishing mid-tier project, no other already announced big hitter), other surprise 3rd party day one GP games and ID@Xbox deals.

Acquisitions: they need to do at least one, a big one will be welcome considering the big holes in the yearly schedule to avoid in the future, otherwise the public will consider it a sign of weakness and also the industry itself, considering Tencent and Embracer are swallowing everything under the sun, many Xbox partners included.


At least one big first-party surprise announcement for the 2022 release. Perhaps Wolfenstein III.