What Are Your Most Anticipated Games of 2022?


Thanks for reminding me that Radio The Universe existed.

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Just going to list my most anticipated games in alphabetical order since I normally get hyped for games individually once they’re a month away from release.

EDIT: Ranked after seeing OneBadMutha’s post.

  1. Horizon II: Forbidden West
  2. Dying Light 2: Stay Human
  3. God of War Ragnarok
  4. A Plague Tale Requiem
  5. Gotham Knights
  6. Redfall
  7. Starfield
  8. Steel Rising
  9. Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl
  10. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora
  11. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
  12. Evil West
  13. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
  14. Sifu
  15. Elden Ring
  16. Bright Memory Infinite
  17. Forspoken
  18. Saints Row
  19. Hogwarts Legacy
  20. Crossfire X (campaign)

Even if half of the 20 games I listed about get released in 2022, it will be one hell of a year for me personally and in general. Hyped!!! Let the new year commence!!! Hehehe.

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Tunic :fox_face:


I forgot two - Midnight Fight Express and Replaced

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  1. Dying Light 2

  2. Elden Ring

  3. Stalker 2

  4. A Plague Tale Requiem

  5. Gothem Knights

  6. Atomic Heart

  7. Redfall

  8. Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

  9. Hogwarts Legacy

  10. Starfield

These are the games I am most hyped about

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Not in any particular order :

  1. Starfield
  2. God of War Ragnarok
  3. Horizon Forbidden West
  4. Elden Ring
  5. Gotham Knights
  6. Suicide Squad
  7. Hogwarts Legacy
  8. Replaced

Damn WB may be my publisher of the year 2022 .



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  1. Starfield
  2. redfall
  3. Suicide Squad
  4. Stalker 2
  5. Evil Dead the game

and my indie hype of the year is Cult of the Lamb

  1. AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative

  2. A Plague Tale: Requiem

  3. Digimon Survive

  4. Redfall

  5. Elden Ring

  6. Horizon: Forbidden West

  7. Starfield

  8. God of War: Ragnarok

  9. CUPHEAD: The Delicious Last Course

  10. Suicide Squad

  11. Sonic Frontiers

But we all know my most played game is going to be……. drum roll THE BACKLOOOOOOOOGG!

  1. TLoZ: Breath of the Wild 2
  2. Elden Ring
  3. Starfield
  4. Bayonetta 3
  5. A Plague Tale: Requiem
  6. Sommerville
  7. Tunic
  8. Planet of Lana
  9. Replaced
  10. S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2

Edit: added ranking! :nerd_face:


Starfield and Elden ring are at the top of my list.

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It’s Starfield and everything else behind it

Thats what I did before Christmas beat some games in the BackLog

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DYING LIGHT 2 and More AAA day1 on GamePass :hugs:

  • Starfield
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem
  • Oxenfree 2
  • Replaced
  • Stalker 2
  • Tunic (even if i’m a bit hesitant after the demo)
  • Forza Motorsport (if it makes 2022)
  • Breath of the Wild 2 (if it makes 2022)
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  1. Starfield
  2. Next ESO Expansion
  3. Redfall
  4. The Witcher 3 Next Gen update - so that I can have an excuse to return because I’ve tried before and it didn’t hold for long.
  5. Cyberpunk 2077 Next Gen Update- I beat the game on Xbox One S did most of the missions and finally played a stealth archer(but with a pistol), the game is super good, and has so much more replay potential than the Witcher 3. But I didn’t want to go back to it while it’s so buggy.
  6. Elden Ring if From Software manages to actually have a stable fps at launch.

Hey friends, I should’ve mentioned it in the OP…number them if you have a preferred ranking order. Otherwise, I’ll just weight them all the same when tallying them up. Your most anticipated is worth 10 points, 2nd is worth 9…and so on.

  1. Starfield
  2. Redfall
  3. Stalker 2

Starfield so far overshadows everything else in 2022, I’d gladly sacrifice all other new releases in order to play it.

Luckily I won’t have to do that, so here’s a numbered list that includes some other games I’m looking forward to:

  1. Starfield
  2. Hogwarts Legacy
  3. Deathloop
  4. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora
  5. Cyberpunk 2077
  6. CrossfireX
  7. Redfall
  8. Replaced
  9. Planet of Lana
  10. Weird West

edit: Added Replaced and re-ordered it slightly. Tunic fell off the list, which is unfortunate… But also kind of appropriate, since I’ve found out that it’s not a Day 1 Game Pass title, and so my anticipation for it dropped a bit.